Roof mounting | Roof solar mounting system

Roof mounting | Roof solar mounting system

Product description:

Product use: the fixed component Material: aluminum or steel Name: solar roof PV mounting systems
Brand: Sol PV

Roof mounting roof solar PV mounting systems Description:

1. simplified accessories, quick installation, saving time
Professional design, Sol mounting systems composed of only a few parts, no drilling or welding can be quickly assembled on site, effectively improve installation efficiency and saves time.
Accessories can be assembled in advance and unity were sent to the scene, shorten the construction period. L Sol professional support system accessories with flexible adjustment to meet the complex construction site.

2 professional design, aggregate production, reduce cost-l Sol professional structural engineer team has years of experience in support system design, combined with the domestic and foreign advanced design concepts, tailor-made for you the most optimum and most cost-effective solar system support solution. Our production plant has many years experience in manufacturing, process maturity and cost advantages.

3 load design, safety and security, anticorrosion treatment, prolong the l bracket Sol system take fully into account the dynamic load and static load characteristics such as: the weight of the components, wind load, snow load and earthquake load factors, ensuring safety of stent systems.
Sol support system using high quality steel production, hot dip galvanized coatings after processing, can meet the solar module 25 years of outdoor use.

Inclined roof mounting system

Pitched roof mounting

Pitched roof mounting

Sloping roof mounting system

Solar slope roof bracket

Pitched roof mounting

Pitched roof mounting

1 component according to the tilt angle of slope roof tiles on the roof.

2 based on a sloping roof, roof structure to choose suitable fixing accessories.

3 the bracket body material aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

4 bracket accessory structure is designed to facilitate roof installation, do not need to use a lot of tools.

5 bracket modular Kit and factory-assembled, easy identification, fast installation.