Buried PV mounting | PV mounting screw pile

Buried PV mounting | PV mounting screw pile

Product description:

Usage: PV mounting Brand : Sol PV Name: PV mounting screw pile
Basics: screw pile

Buried Solar PV mounting bracket screw pile in soft sandy soil conditions, the ability to grip than the average Xiecha pile efficacy is better .
• Q235B steel pipe pile made ​​.

• General height 1200-2000mm, diameter of 50-130mm.

• Select steel of different thicknesses depending on the load and corrosion requirements.

• Use patented processing techniques from one extrusion pipe, thereby forming a conical tube .

• One continuous extrusion, without welding .

• In high load -sectional adopt thicker materials.

• spiral blade using a gas -shielded welding processes.

• spiral pile PV mounting flange and supporting patent system .

• hot-dip galvanized into a spiral pile .

• The company can design according to customer requirements.