Tile hooks Brackets | Solar PV mounting hook

Tile hooks Brackets | Solar PV mounting hook

Product description:

Usage: PV mounting system tile Life: 25 Material: Stainless steel
Name: tile hook bracket Properties: SR-RH-17

Tile hook bracket

Solar PV mounting hook

Roof hooks (Solar stainless steel roof hooks)

Saul was designed and developed multiple types of roof hooks, roof structure to meet the various needs, Saul hooks made of stainless steel, to ensure their normal environment in 25 years of life.

1, the wind pressure resistance 60m / s
2, flexible installation, bolt connection, without drilling and welding, fast and save time.
3, the service life requirements: in normal circumstances can be used for 25 years
4, surface treatment - passivation of the metal surface so smooth and clean surface less susceptible to oxidation, anti-corrosion rate of the metal...
5, rich hook types to meet different roofing needs

Production process: modular and welded

Surface treatment: sandblasting, rolling sand

Jiangyin Sol Solar System Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in photovoltaic system design and consulting services, and provides PV system bracket integration solutions. The company has international advanced design concepts of systems engineers and structural engineers, to combine the advanced design concepts and project management experience for your PV system to provide optimal and most cost-effective solutions. Our products are strictly in accordance with national and international quality standards for the design, test, production, testing, to provide you with quality products at the same time, our team of engineers also provide design consulting, engineering and technology programs, on-site installation guidance, and professional service for your PV system.
The company is committed to photovoltaic carport, floor and roof fixed installation development system, we launched a series of innovative PV mounting solutions. Structure safe, reliable, easy to install, saving installation time and labor costs of the scene. We can also according to customer demand custom design.

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