Solar PV mounting | solar photovoltaic ground cement foundation bracket

Solar PV mounting | solar photovoltaic ground cement foundation bracket

Product description:

Usage: support assembly Brand: Sol PV Name: Solar mounting
Material: C steel or aluminum

Solar mounting solar PV mounting ground cement foundation Introduction

Installation Location: ground station.
Cement foundation: a variety of large-scale neatly laid a solid reliable connection with the foundation to develop unique accessories can meet different needs according to customer requirements
The main technical parameters:
Installation Location
Installation angle can be designed according to the installation site conditions
Wind strength 33m / s (12 wind)
Anti-snow 1.05kn / m

Pressure 0.85KN / m2
Horizontal or vertical arrangement of components
Components of any size
Component Categories with borders or without borders
C-shaped steel support rail
Steel hot-dip zinc material
Parts and materials of high strength aluminum alloy Al6005-T5 & stainless steel 304
Racks Color Natural
Quality assurance for 10 years
Life: 25 years
National Standard AS / NZS 1170 or GB / T13912 / 2002

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