Color steel roof supports | solar roof bracket Color

Color steel roof supports | solar roof bracket Color

Product description:

Usage: Suitable for factories or warehouses and other large areas of steel tile roof Material: Aluminum Specifications: Angle Chi III type steel tile
Title: Color roof bracket Brand: Sol PV

Color roof PV system bracket features:

1 adjustable for different thickness color steel tile accessories flexibility to meet customer applications.

2 connecting plates and other accessories designed to be flexible and effective realization of porous position adjustment.

3 does not damage the roof from water systems.

4 easy to install. Anywhere ramp loading cards from aluminum extrusion rail mount, and with highly preloaded card block and hooks to the greatest reduces installation time and costs.

5 extensive installation flexibility. Sol solar roof tilt bracket system is suitable for the current market there are a variety of common frame solar panels installed on the roof of various types, from small to large solar systems can be applied even several megawatt system .

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