Glazed tile holder | shingles PV mounting

Glazed tile holder | shingles PV mounting

Product description:

Usage : Suitable for color steel roof and other large areas of the plant or warehouse Material: Aluminum Specifications : SR-PSH-01
Name: glazed PV mounting Brand : Sol PV

Color glazed tile shingles PV mounting bracket scaffold system solutions - for the shape of the roof tiles and the like, we specialize in development and design of the stent system .

Aiming at the domestic roofing systems, we produce for a variety of roofing Fixed hooks , Without damage to the roof of the preconditions to make the perfect combination of PV mounting and roof .

No penetration of metal roofing solar photovoltaic panels fixed bracket system ( metal roof reinforcement wind / secondary roof fixture / aluminum veneer mounting member )

Solar photovoltaic panels fixed clamps ( in briquetting, briquetting side )