PV mounting hooks | ceramic tile hook

PV mounting hooks | ceramic tile hook

Product description:

Usage: Roof hook Life : 25 Material: stainless steel and aluminum
Name: PV mounting hook Properties : SR-RH-15

Roof hooks (Solar stainless steel roof hooks)

Saul was designed and developed multiple types of roof hooks, roof structure to meet the various needs, Saul hooks made ​​of stainless steel, to ensure their normal environment in 25 years of life .

1, the wind pressure resistance 60m / s
2, flexible installation, bolt connection, without drilling and welding, fast and save time .
3, the service life requirements: in normal circumstances can be used for 25 years
4, surface treatment - passivation of the metal surface so smooth and clean surface less susceptible to oxidation, anti- corrosion rate of the metal.. .
5, rich hook types to meet different roofing needs