PV stent ballast | ballast solar PV mounting

PV stent ballast | ballast solar PV mounting

Product description:

Usage: Roof PV Mounting Angle: determined in accordance with the requirements of the design Material : Q235 steel or aluminum
Name: ballast photovoltaic bracket Model : SR-FRB-01

Ballast PV bracket system, without destroying the original waterproof layer, suitable for outdoor or flat roof load amount is large. The bottom frame using high quality aluminum rail fixed using cement blocks or stones and other heavy objects, the support material stainless steel, solid appearance, unique design aluminum rail and the unit is connected, without on-site secondary processing.


  • It does not destroy the original waterproof layer, no water treatment
  • Specifications applicable to any part of crystalline silicon modules and thin-film modules
  • Adjustable weight on the bottom frame mounting frame placed concrete blocks, stones and other top
  • According to the actual needs of the design and installation angle