Amorphous silicon thin film photovoltaic module bracket / edge compact / medium briquetting

Amorphous silicon thin film photovoltaic module bracket / edge compact / medium briquetting

Product description:

Usage: Bracket Accessories Brand: Sol PV Surface treatment: sandblasting anodizing
Material: Aluminum 6063-T5 Name: membrane assembly briquetting

Amorphous silicon components Pressure Code - amorphous silicon solar mounting accessories, amorphous silicon PV mounting accessories, compact thin-film modules, thin-film modules in the folder, double-sided clamp thin-film modules, thin-film modules sided clamps Material: AL6063-T5 Color: silver or custom sizes: 80mm or customized use: apply to the vast majority of amorphous silicon components
Applied to the ground or roof PV system installation
Material: High Strength

Aluminum press code

Crystalline silicon modules press code

Solar briquetting

Solar press code

Solar briquetting - Aluminum clamps - panels briquetting - single / double-sided clamps

Sol solar PV mounting aluminum accessories

The company can be customized according to customer demand production of different types of polycrystalline solar module (lateral pressure code / MV code)

Aluminum clamps used in solar photovoltaic ground and roof mounted, solar photovoltaic bracket with solar panels.

Aluminum clamps into the clamps and edge clamps. Clamps or edge clamps in the specifications can be determined based on the thickness of the customer panels.

Material: high strength aluminum alloy AL6063-T5

Finish: silver anodized oxide film thickness: ≥10μm

Quality assurance: 10-year warranty and 20-year life
Suitable for installation of different specifications crystalline silicon and thin film module assembly aluminum AL6063-T5

Color: Natural or customize y L: _4 (1 W- V- x5)
Anticorrosive surface treatment: film thickness (sand) anodic oxide: GB 8-10μm or AA15μm, b & I / K- X / b8 B% _: ^ 0 w- D $ K
Quality assurance: 10-year warranty and 20-year life

Battery plate compacts series (single / double-sided clamps):
Applications: solar panels firmly locked
Compact side, in the kind of compact can be customized according to customer's drawings, to meet the requirements to meet customer panels designed to streamline and increase aesthetics.
This set of products is characterized by: low cost, convenient combination, quick installation, free conversion angle, widely used, custom processing, 10-year guarantee, higher life expectancy, reduced pressure, reduced drainage sand (v / l1 u. : I9 C% ^ - z5