Ceramic tile holder | ceramic tile PV mounting

Ceramic tile holder | ceramic tile PV mounting

Product description:

Usage: the installation of solar modules Life: 25 Model : SR-PTR-02
Name : Ceramic tile bracket Brand : Sol PV

Ceramic tile PV mounting Suitable slope itself is not big enough the need to increase the angle of the roof to install solar modules suitable for ceramic tile, glass Navarro Mahwah, scale tile, slate and other types of tile roofs, can be installed in any standard solar panels. The use of advanced module design, parts commonality with good, easy installation, on-site without secondary processing.


  • Before and after the hanging of different heights, increasing the component installation angle, to improve the absorption and utilization of solar energy
  • Unique connector design for quick installation
  • Simple and versatile installation tool
  • Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel parts, service life more than 20 years