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B-IW5130 / LT micro-explosion-proof headlights

B-IW5130 / LT micro-explosion-proof headlights
  • B-IW5130 / LT micro-explosion-proof headlights
Product code: 19762700001
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Other info: 150KG Black
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B-IW5130 / LT micro-explosion-proof headlights

First, the scope

B-IW5130 / LT micro-explosion-proof headlights apply to construction operations, maintenance repair, on-site investigation, provide the best lighting outdoor adventure, and can also be used as signal contact and location display.

Second, the performance characteristics

Energy efficient: the use of imported solid-state LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life of 100,000 hours switch function: intelligent control low light, bright light, the signal flashes three functions, the freedom to switch to optimize the structure: human design, according to the work site lighting needs up and down to adjust the angle up to 180 degrees. high-impact materials that can withstand harsh environments.
Convenient and practical: small size, light weight of the whole not more than 150 grams, can be wearing, magnetic adsorption, fasten the helmet with a cap of fine, flexible use according to environmental requirements.

Third, the technical parameters

1, Rated voltage: 3.6 V
2, rated capacity: 900 mAh
3, light source power: 1 W
4, strong flux: 40 lm
5, weak flux: 20 lm
6, light discharge time: 2 h
7, the weak discharge time: 8 h
8, the light source life: 100,000 h
9, Charging time: 2.5 h
10, the battery life (cycles): ≈1000
11, Dimensions: 74 * 70 * 61 mm
12, Weight: ≤150g

Fourth, quality assurance

This product is in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standards

Quality control to ensure product quality is higher than the national standard, fully meet the design requirements, the product of 3-year warranty from 3 years from the date one year lamp warranty from purchase, under normal use of any failure by the company responsible for maintenance free.