Qingdao Raintree clothing rebates

Qingdao Raintree clothing rebates

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Most of the export tax rebate rate of textiles and garments have now reached the upper limit, which shows the state of the textile and garment industry is very concerned, for the textile and apparel exports also have a sense of crisis. After a lapse of more than five years and then adjusted for the current situation is the judge conducted. In this five-year export growth of data can be seen, textile and apparel exports

As a labor-intensive industry, the textile and apparel industry, the whole industry chain has a hundred million people involved in the production and sales of textiles and apparel exports decline will cause a series of social and employment issues. I believe that to improve product competitiveness in the textile and apparel industries and enterprises The only way out, relying on the tax rebate rate of price subsidies for buyers, eventually it becomes a competitive war between Chinese enterprises after 'this adjustment, the textile and apparel industry has reached the upper limit of the tax rebate, from this perspective, can He said readjustment is great. Although it is difficult to see short-term effect, but enough to show the country to encourage exports, support the intent of traditional industries.

Export situation will not adjust the export tax rebate rate and immediately improved, but also with a number of the RMB exchange rate and other factors are closely linked. In addition China's labor costs rise so fast, adjust export tax rebate rate 1 percentage point also difficult to offset the cost of growth. However, due to the textile and garment export company gross profit rarely, so even this one percentage point adjustment on the export business is also important, but the role of the degree of difference sizes.

Shiyao rebate from 16% to mean 17 percent? Cost * export tax rebate rate = tax refunds . When the export tax rebate rate of 16%, $ 1 (6.1 yuan) * 16% = 0.976 yuan, while the export tax rebate rate of 17%

$ 1 (6.1 yuan) 17% * = 1.037 yuan, 1.037 yuan -0.976 0.061 yuan yuan =

It can cost about $ 1 more than 6 cents.