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Qingdao-Lin garment export services

Qingdao-Lin garment export services
  • Qingdao-Lin garment export services
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Raintree Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Ltd. Acting US LDP Business:

Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Ltd. Raintree professional operation DDP, DDU, LDP, EXWORK, FOB, TO DOOR goods, the purpose of providing clearance for a single, unpacking, shipping and other services. Shanghai Raintree is exported to the US LDP-hand dealer owns in the US own trade companies and freight forwarders. for you to direct the goods to the consignee designated location, clearance rapid and timely delivery, safe payment. Quality service unique in the industry. LDP costs include freight , USA clearance fees, USA import duties, customs clearance requirements. We have a high-quality truck companies, transportation time and precise control. China and the US both maintained 24 hours accessible information communication, timely cargo tracking and control of goods in the US states rights.

Shanghai Xing Lin, relying on strong US Raintree, Raintree Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other Raintree framework, to build more than a decade of American LDP operating platform, since its establishment in 2004, Raintree International has established a global logistics company's largest US LDP to provide comprehensive services of international LDP US logistics and transportation services to provide a complete and reliable international air and sea LDP services, T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, underwear, sweaters, shirts LDP service exports to the US, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Port of Dalian, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other shipments can be operated. I Secretary for customers to provide comprehensive ocean air import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, land transport and other train services. Through years of practice operations, has accumulated a wealth of International cargo operations experience, advanced management system, conscientious and dedicated professional operators to ensure that the goods shipped by customers of the safety and reliability, so that freight and purchase costs of Chinese and foreign businessmen to maximize the reduction.