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American LDP door

American LDP door
  • American LDP door
  • American LDP door
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Shanghai Raintree International freight shipping is a professional operation team 'American LDP, USA DDP' double clearance door to door service relative to other freight is concerned, the Division I in the United States which have the advantage LDP operation, embodied in the following three points :
First, the advantage of time on the experience:
Our US operations LDP has fifteen years of experience early in garment export quotas when the United States needs the United States began operating LDP, at that time a variety of approaches, there is a third country transit, out of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the OPA or CO. Also Q agency experienced single quota directly from China, which saves time and effort, the risk is small, but the higher cost of quotas, such as: jeans quota would block more than 10 US dollars / DOZ 2005 the elimination of quotas, then the need to provide (input US textile license) . Since January 1, 2009, clothing products can be normal goods exports to the US, and as long as the right boxes, invoices can be a normal clearance. Our company is all the way with the Sino-US trade barriers continue to generate burst, knock bump bump grow and persevered in the United States specializing in freight forwarding LDP.
Second, the United States first-hand the advantages of resources on:
The United States has its own import company and freight forwarding company, there is no resale rejection slips, eliminate miscommunication caused middle resale, directly facing the United States, the absolute first-hand operational agent can be the customer's cargo security service of the United States designated safe warehouse destination port clearance process real timely feedback to maintain close contact with the United States 24 hours to ensure that cargo information accurately and quickly accessible. The possibility of a problem on the operation can minimize, for cargo tracking and cargo rights The control to seize the initiative. clearance hundred percent success rate, is committed to the comprehensive protection of the interests of exporters, providing professional LDP logistics, the pursuit of safe, efficient and punctual concept.
Third, the advantages of the company operating on the process:
Ports across the country can accept the goods, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao has its own company, growing with the scale, but avoid the freight forwarding operations into some big criticism, such as single, operation, payment is different every aspect of an employee, Nobody goods comprehensive follow-up, or send and receive e-mail only, no telephone communication, etc. Operator Division I possess more than eight years of operating experience, customers from order to payment are to face an operation, one overall control of the entire shipping process. Our point of view from the customer for the customer, will be part of the on to the most meticulous, so that the procedures of the easiest clients.