Supply coolant flow meter, coolant flow meter price, coolant flow meter manufacturers

Supply coolant flow meter, coolant flow meter price, coolant flow meter manufacturers

Product description:

Working Pressure: 42 (MPa) Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN2100 (mm) Working temperature: 450 (℃)
Custom processing: Measuring range: 0.1-55800 (m3 / h) Type: impulse type flowmeter
Model: SBL Specifications: coolant flow meter Accuracy: 0.5
Brand: fine River Medium: Coolant

(Company name) Xiamen Jing Chuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Changle Road, Huli District 3 (company address) Xiamen
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(Production capacity) design production capacity of one million units per year
(Service) product from the date of the factory within 12 months from the Warranty Services, appears human damage quality problems, the company responsible for repair, replacement,

Retreat, outside the guarantee period to provide paid maintenance services for life.

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(Coolant flow meter Source)
In the sixties used in industrial flow measurement, flow measurement is mainly used to solve high-viscosity, low Reynolds number fluid has undergone pneumatic and electric table

Fixed table two stages of development, SBL Series Intelligent Target Flowmeter is based on the original target flowmeter strain gauge measurement principle based on the use of the latest electricity

Yung force sensor as the measuring and sensitive transfer elements, while taking advantage of modern digital intelligent processing technology and developed a new flow measurement instruments.
(Coolant flowmeter Product Overview)
Xiamen Jing Chuan SBL series coolant flow meters, using new capacitive force sensor with high sensitivity, accuracy, no moving parts, small pressure loss. Its unique

Anti-vibration, dirt-resistant, high sensitivity characteristics, especially suitable for high viscosity, dirty media, easy to pour and so easy to block the flow measurement difficult conditions, widely used

In the flue gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, metering flow furnace gas, compressed air, fuel oil, residual oil, tar, asphalt, sewage and other media. Interpolation

Into the structure, easy to install, maintenance-free no-clean, especially for the large pipe, square pipe, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, pharmaceutical

, Environmental protection, food and other fields.
• For diameter range is wide: Φ10 ~ Φ2000 to more;

• for a variety of media: gas, liquid (including high viscosity liquids, slurries), steam;
• wide temperature range: -196 ° C ~ 500 ° C;
• For high / low pressure working condition: 0 ~ 42MPa;
• For low flow rates medium flow rate of the lowest measurable 0.08m / s.

(Coolant flowmeter principle)
When the medium flows in the measuring tube, the kinetic energy of the Target by its own generating pressure, and produce a force on the target plate, so that the target plate generate a tiny bit

Shift, proportional to the square of its velocity and the medium size force, its mathematical formula:
F = Cd`A`ρ`V2 / 2
F: Target suffered force
Cd: fluid resistance coefficient
A: Target axial projection area of ​​the measuring tube
ρ: density of the medium conditions
V: medium in the measuring tube characteristic velocity
Target suffered the force transmitted through the target rod elastomer sensors produce small changes, through circuit switching, outputs a corresponding electrical signal.
Uses sensors is crucial core of the new product truly high precision and high stability, completely changed the original target flowmeter drift strain large.

Anti-overload (shock) is poor, there is a static sealing point and various other restrictions, not only played the original target flowmeter technology, but also has the volume

Flowmeter measurement accuracy comparable, coupled with its unique anti-jamming, anti-impurity performance, in addition to alternative flow measurement problem can be measured by conventional flow

Especially it has good adaptability in a small volume, high viscosity, easy condensate easy to block, high temperature, highly corrosive, high vibration flow measurement in difficult conditions. Objectives

Widely used in the flow measurement before the metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, energy, food, environmental protection and other fields.
(Coolant flow meter product parameters)
Product Name: coolant flow meter
Diameter: DN15 ~ DN500mm
Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 42MPa
Conditions Temperature: + 500 ℃ ~ -200 ℃
Conditions Temperature: -20 ~ + 300 ℃ (need higher temperatures please contact the factory)
Accuracy: ± 0.2 ~ ± 2.5% FS
Range ratio: 1:10
Housing: Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel (or by user request consultations provided)
Power supply: Built-in 3.6VDC lithium battery (two-for-one, without signal output); external supply 24VDC (with output)
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire system; pulse 0 ~ 1000HZ; Hart communication; RS232 / RS485 (or by user request consultations provided)
Protection class: IP65; IP67
Explosion-proof mark: intrinsically safe ExiallCT4; flameproof ExdllCT4
Meter Display: cumulative flow; instantaneous flow; temperature conditions; pressure conditions (temperature and pressure compensation type only); rod percent of full scale; fault detection
Connecting flanges: GB (GB / T) series; Chemical (HG) series; mechanical (JB / T) series; customers can also request States flange standard
Connection: pipe flange (DN15-300mm); plug-in (DN100- DN3000mm to larger).
(Coolant flow meter Product Features)

`Whole capacitive coolant flow meter in the design with no moving parts, capacitive coolant flow meter structure, easy removal
`Condenser coolant flow meter can choose a variety of corrosion and high temperature resistant materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.)
`Machine no dead do, fully sealed (welded form), no leakage point, can be resistant to high pressure 42MPa
`Sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, there is no wear and tear parts, the use of safe and reliable
`Situ using a dry calibration method, which uses weights hanging weight method. One-button operation can complete calibration
`Condenser coolant flow meter has an optional low-cut, non-linear correction, selectable filter time
`Measurement accuracy, precision can reach 0.2%
`Condenser coolant flow meter equipped with a self-test procedures, failure phenomenon glance
`Repeatability, generally 0.05 to 0.08%, rapid
`Pressure loss, only the standard orifice 1/2 • P about
`According to the actual need to be replaced Baffles (target plate) and change the flow range
`Low-power battery-site display, capable of showing the value of online direct reading, the display screen can be read simultaneously instantaneous and cumulative flow rate and percentage bar graph
`Easy to install, easy to maintain
`Jamming, anti-impurity capacity particularly strong
`Variety of output forms, various parameters can be remote
`Anti-vibration and strong, within a certain range can be measured pulsatile flow
`Instrument in the design with no moving parts, plug-in structure, easy disassembly
`Can choose a variety of corrosion and high temperature resistant materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.)
`Machine no dead do, fully sealed (welded form), no leakage point, can be resistant to high pressure 42MPa
`Instrument equipped with a self-test procedures, failure phenomenon glance
`Sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, there is no wear and tear parts, the use of safe and reliable
`Situ using a dry calibration method, which uses weights hanging weight method. One-button operation can complete calibration
`With a variety of installation methods to choose from, such as selecting the online plug-in, low installation costs
`Have integrated temperature and pressure compensation, direct the output quality or standard side
`With optional low-cut, non-linear correction, selectable filter time
`Can accurately measure a variety of normal temperature, high temperature of 500 degrees -200 degrees temperature conditions of the gas and liquid flow rate
(Coolant flow meter installation requirements)
1. The high temperature (80 degrees to 500 degrees), at room temperature type (-30 degrees to 70 degrees), low temperature (-40 to -200 degrees) meter installation:
a, normal type, low temperature, high temperature type flowmeter depending on the operating conditions using horizontal, vertical or inverted mounting (with factory calibration single subject);
b, medium temperature at 300 degrees, the user response flowmeter housing insulation measures taken to prevent damage to the heat radiation header (header operating temperature of -30 to

70 degrees), the same way the working temperature -100 degrees below the media, but also to take freezing measures;
c, in order to ensure accurate measurement of the flow meter is required straight pipe before and after the set; (Figure 1)
d, in order to ensure the flow meter in the inspection and replacement without affecting the system work, should try to set the bypass valve (3) and shut-off valves (1,2); (Figure 1)
e, due process requires can be mounted vertically, the measured medium flow by the bottom, but also from top to bottom, but the supplier shall explain when ordering;
f, meter diameter and pipe diameter connected to try the same size, in order to reduce the flow interference, causing measurement error;
g, when the flange and clamp-on flowmeter installation, should pay attention to the inner sealing gasket between the flange hole larger than the flowmeter and process pipe diameter 6-8mm and whether the same

Axis, in order to avoid its interference and influence flow measurement accuracy;
h, when inserted into the meter installation, the short tube and flange must ensure fluid facing surface when the force target piece welded to the pipe, weld short tube height 100mm (

Distance from the pipe wall to the flange sealing surface) from; (Figure 2)
i, the completion of the process for the new pipeline, should first conduct an initial purge and then install the meter;
j, the outer wall of the measuring tube direction of the arrow to the measured medium flows;
k, meter housing must be grounded, if not ground conditions should explain the factory;
l, the flowmeter connecting flange specifications execute GB / T series standards, according to user requirements of special processing (in a single factory calibration date).
2, the meter is set zero (zeroing must be installed after the meter) due to capacitive force sensor and Baffles have self-respect, when the meter is not installed

In the horizontal orientation condition, you need to reset the meter to zero procedures: (also available directly in the pipeline is set to zero when there is no medium flow, high temperature and

Low temperature meter must make the pipeline temperature reaches operating temperature after zero) a, closed valve downstream of the meter; b, slowly open the upstream valve flowmeter

So that the meter is full of media; c, slowly open the valve downstream of the meter, so that the meter is running about 10 minutes; d, shut down the meter, the downstream valve.

And to determine the pipeline flow is zero; e, zero key operation (must be no magnetic tool operation zeroing key, otherwise zero bond may inoperable)

3. Precautions not permitted to directly before or after the meter measuring tube end installed valves, elbows and other parts greatly alter fluid flow patterns. If you need the meter

Installation of valves, elbows and other parts on the front and rear piping should also try to ensure that the front and rear straight pipe length.

(Fine Sichuan coolant flow meter SBL series Typical Application)

Gas Class: gas, air, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen peroxide, flue gas, methane, butane, chlorine and so on.

Liquid: heavy oil, paraffin, asphalt, sulfuric acid, edible oil, residual oil, acetone, diesel, mine water, detergent, soy sauce, gasoline, silicone oil.

Syrup, solvents, perfume, water, aviation kerosene, soap ketone water, glucose, vegetable oleic acid, salt, paste, inks, coolant.

Ethylene glycol, mineral oil, liquid sugar, hydrochloric acid, automotive coatings, resins, butter, vegetable oil, liquid oxygen, shampoo, toothpaste, gel.

Fuel oil, milk, bleaches, conditioners, soda, additives, cleaning agents, alkali, ammonia, bunker oil, chemical reagents, kerosene.

Glycerol, dyes, water, nitric acid, high-boiling organic solution, lard, alcohol, oil, ethylene, polypropylene, etc. A stupid.

Steam categories: superheated steam, saturated steam