Steam flow meter, saturated steam flow, high temperature steam flow, steam flow meter manufacturers, spot

Steam flow meter, saturated steam flow, high temperature steam flow, steam flow meter manufacturers, spot

Product description:

Working pressure: 6.3 (MPa) Nominal Diameter: DN10-DN300 (mm) Working temperature: 300 (℃)
Custom processing: Measuring range: 0.1-55800 (m3 / h) Type: fluid oscillator flowmeter
Model: LUGB Specifications: steam flow meter, saturated steam flow meter, high-temperature steam flow meter Accuracy: 0.5
Brand: fine River Medium: steam

Keywords: Steam flow meter, saturated steam flow, high temperature steam flow, steam flow meter manufacturers, spot

Vortex Flowmeter Product Description

I. Product Overview:

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter The fluid is Carmen ( karman ) Principles, and developed into a new type of meter used to measure gas, vapor or liquid flow, and as flow transmitters used in automation and control systems. The series meter uses advanced differential technology, with isolation, shielding and filtering measures, greatly improving the earthquake resistance, overcoming the small signal data disorders and other problems, and uses a unique sensor packaging technology and protective measures to ensure the reliability of the product.

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter Is widely used in large, medium and small variety of pipes and drainage, metering industrial recycling, waste water treatment, oil and chemical reagents as well as compressed air, saturated and superheated steam, gas and a variety of media traffic.

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter Divided into common type and temperature and pressure compensation type two. Normal refers to a single traffic signal measurements, temperature and pressure compensation type can be achieved simultaneously measure temperature, pressure, flow rate. Each form has split and one-piece two alternatives options to suit different installation and convenient environment.

Second, the steam flow works:

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter Is spread by direct contact with fluid vortex generator, detection probe and the corresponding electronic circuits and other components. When placed vertically within the fluid flow through the housing vortex generator which generates two rows behind the vortex alternately on both sides (see figure below ), the vortex is called Karman vortex. Strouhal on the basis of Karman vortex street theory proposed a velocity proportional to the frequency of Karman vortex fluid, and shows the relationship between frequency and velocity of the equation.

Alternating force generated by the swirl on the detection probe, so that the internal embedded piezoelectric element generates a charge frequency signal detected by the pre-conversion processing electrical amplification, the output is proportional to the volume flow of the pulse signal, or replace the standard signal output connected with flow indicator and temperature, the pressure sensor, calculates various parameters, display and cumulative like.

Third, the steam flow meter Product Features:

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter It has the following characteristics:

  • Delicate and firm structure, no moving parts, long-term stable operation;
  • Installation is simple and flexible, easy to maintain;
  • The output signal is pulse frequency signal, high precision, zero drift;
  • Structural forms, there is ducted and plug-in, split and one-to choose from;
  • Accuracy, measurement accuracy is typically liquid is ± 1.0%, the measurement accuracy of the gas ± 1.5%;
  • Wide measuring range, at a Reynolds number of 2X104-7X106 Within the range up to 1:20;
  • Pressure loss is small, low operating costs, meaning more energy-efficient;
  • Low power consumption, battery durability, strong seismic performance;
  • Cumulative flow can be power-down protection, protection time up to 10 years;

Fourth, the steam flowmeter technology parameters:

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter Some basic parameters are as follows:

Implementation of standards

Vortex flow sensor (JB / T9249-1999)

Meter diameter (mm)



1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa (the other can be customized)

Accuracy class

Liquid: ± 1.0%

Gas or steam: ± 1.5%, ± 1.0%

Turndown ratio

1: 10,1: 15,1: 20

Sensor material

304, 316 (L) stainless steel

Environmental conditions

Medium temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃, -40 ℃ ~ + 350 ℃

Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Relative humidity 5% to 90%

Atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106Kpa

Power supply

A: external power supply, + 24VDC ± 15%, ripple ≤ ± 5%, applicable to 4-20mA output, pulse output, RS485, etc;

B: internal power supply, a group 3.0V10AH lithium battery, the battery voltage can work properly when 2.0-3.0V.

Signal output

Pulse signal, 4-20mA current signal

Communication output function

RS485, hart protocol communications

Signal line interface

Common type: Horsman joints or comes three core cable;

Explosion-proof: internal thread M20 * 1.5

Explosion levels

ExiaIICT5 or ExdIIBT6

Protection class

IP65 or higher (can be customized)

Fifth, the steam flow and steam flow model description selection:

JC-LUGB- • - • - • - • - • - • - •
① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦
①: Link way: two flange connection (1) and clamping flange (2);

②: Measuring media: into gas (1), liquid (2) and steam (3);

③: Nominal size (unit mm): DN15-DN300
④: structure: divided into one formula (Z) and Split (F);

⑤: Header Type: divided into the following categories:

N-type: + 12V or 24V power supply, three-wire output pulse signal;

Type A: + 24V supply, the output wire 4-20mA

Type B: internal lithium battery-powered, live shows, no signal output;

Type C: + 24V power supply, live display, output two-wire 4-20mA;

Type D: + 24V power supply, live shows, RS485 communication;

E type: + 24V power supply, live shows, Hart communication;

F type: integrated temperature and pressure compensation for saturated steam;

G type: integrated temperature and pressure compensation for superheated steam and gases in general;

⑥: Explosion levels: no explosion points (N) and intrinsically safe (E1), flameproof (E2);

⑦: Pressure rating: sub-routine (N) and high pressure (H);

Sixth, the steam flow meter installation instructions:

Jing Chuan LUGB type Steam flow meter Straight pipe with a diameter corresponding to the pipe should be installed in horizontal, vertical, inclined (fluid flow from bottom to top) is. It should also be free to install the mechanical vibrations of the pipeline upstream and downstream of the meter should be configured a certain length its length should meet the following requirements.

Upstream pipeline form

Upstream straight pipe length

Downstream straight pipe length

Concentric tube fully open valve



Concentric contraction full gate


One 90 elbow


The same plane two 90 elbow


Two different planes 90 elbow


Regulating valve, the half-open gate


The inner diameter of the straight pipe section as consistent path through the sensor, if not the same, should be taken slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe sensor error to ≤ + 3%, and not more than 5mm.

1, the flow meter is installed in horizontal pipelines: the measurement of gas flow, if measured gas contains a small amount of liquid, flow meter should be installed at the online high; when measuring liquid flow rate, if measured body contains a small amount of gas , the meter should be installed at the lower line.

2, the meter is installed vertically in the pipeline: the measurement of gas flow meter can be installed in a vertical pipeline if they are contained in the gas under a small amount of liquid, gas flow measurement of liquid flow should be upward, the liquid flows by bottom up. .