LDP US clearance

LDP US clearance

Product description:

American LDP operating procedures :
1) Chinese export trailer / declaration
2) China to US shipping
3) Boats to two days before the start of clearance
4) Clearance finished, tax
5) Customer specified delivery warehouse
After the goods to the Division I, Division I will sit back and enjoy a full range of high-quality US LDP services:
Chinese trailer ---- Division I arrange !
Chinese customs ---- Division I arrange !
US shipping ---- Division I arrange !
US clearance ---- Division I arrange !
US tariff schedule ---- Division I !
---- American Division I arrange delivery !
Shanghai Raintree International, to build the US Green clearance service !
Shanghai Raintree International, creating a full range of logistics and supply chain !
Let your goods enjoy five-star service, punctual delivery to the consignee warehouse United States !