Supply mass flow, mass flow meter spot, Fujian mass flowmeter

Supply mass flow, mass flow meter spot, Fujian mass flowmeter

Product description:

Working Pressure: 42 (MPa) Nominal Diameter: DN1-DN500 (mm) Working temperature: 300 (℃)
Custom processing: Measuring range: 0.6-3000 (m3 / h) Type: mass flowmeter
Model: JCC Specifications: mass flowmeter Accuracy: 0.2
Brand: fine River Applicable medium: liquid, gas

Keywords: supply mass flow meter, mass flow meter spot, Fujian mass flowmeter

Xiamen Jing Chuan self-developed patented product mass flow meter is an advanced intelligent precision mass flow measurement instruments. This meter can be used to directly measure the mass flow rate of the pipeline in the media

And the total amount, and the total volume flow, the density of the medium, temperature, concentration of the solution, and mixing the two liquids more uniform concentration of each of the parameters.
Jing Chuan instrument even in harsh working environments can exhibit excellent performance. Its no internal moving parts, no complicated installation, on the working conditions are not demanding. Has anti-interference

Strong, high accuracy, range ratio, stable and reliable, low installation requirements, requirements for low fluid state, pressure loss, etc., and easy to clean, with self-emptying; suitable for real-time online

Measurement and real-time online monitoring. The basic technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, has a very broad prospects for development and application.
Each sensor consists of stainless steel, a variety of output of the transmitter to meet your every need.
(Mass flow meter Product Introduction)
Mass Flow Meter is an advanced high-precision mass flow measurement instruments. Because of its excellent performance, making the measurement accuracy, low demand for fluid state, a small pressure loss. Variety of specifications meter

Tables can be measured directly in liquid or slurry mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature, and no manual calculations or estimates. Even in harsh working environments can exhibit excellent performance. Its inner

Unit has no moving parts, no complicated installation, on working conditions nor demanding. Each sensor consists of stainless steel, a variety of output of the transmitter to meet your every need.
(Mass flow meter product details)
Mass flow meter is a direct child of precision measuring fluid mass flow meter novel, side by side with the main structure using two U-shaped tube, so that the bight portion of the tubes from opposite slight vibration

Come, then both sides will follow the straight pipe vibration, that is, they will also close or open at the same time, the vibration of the tubes is synchronized, symmetrical.

(Mass flowmeter technology parameters)
Measured medium: liquid, gas
Measure the diameter: 1mm ~ 500mm
Measurement items: Mass flow, density, temperature, volume flow,% concentration
Density Measurement range: 0.2g / cm3 ~ 2.5g / cm3
Medium temperature: -200 ℃ ~ + 350 ℃
Flow measurement error: Liquid 0.15% R + Cz, 0.2% R + Cz, gas 0.5% R + Cz, 1.0% R + Cz
Density measurement error: 0.002g / cm3
Temperature measurement error: ≤1 ℃
Signal form: 4 ~ 20mA, O ~ 10KHZ, RS485, Hart
Power supply: 24VDC
Measuring tube material: 304 316, also according to user request consultations provided
Explosion levels: ExiaIICT4, ExdIICT4
Shell protection grade: IP65, IP67
Flange standard: GB GB / T series standards, according to user processing requirements.

(Mass flowmeter performance characteristics)
• Direct mass flow measurement with high measurement accuracy.

• do multi-parameter measurement, such as measuring the density of the same period, and thus derive the concentration of solute in the solution contained in the measure.
• Direct measurement of mass flow of fluid inside the tubes
Measurement accuracy, repeatability, and can be in a wide range, direct measurement of fluid mass flow rate
• measurement accuracy
Mass flow measurement accuracy of the meter is 0.2
• stable and reliable
Fluid measuring tube inside without obstacles and moving parts, thus high reliability, long life

• Measures wide range of fluids, including high viscosity of the liquid variety of liquids containing solids slurry, liquids containing trace gases, there is sufficient density in high-pressure gas.
• Measure vibration amplitude tubules, may be regarded as an inactive member, unimpeded member and the movable member within the survey line.
• to deal with facing the flow velocity distribution is not sensitive, so supreme downstream straight pipe requirements.
• fluid density changes little effect on the measured value.
• adaptation of the fluid medium wide
In addition to the general uniform fluid viscosity, it can also measure high viscosity fluids (honey, oil slurry, etc.); fluid parameters can be measured not only single solution, it can also measure multiphase flow; whether the medium is laminar or

Turbulence will not affect its accuracy.
• wide range of applications
Used in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper, food, energy and environmental protection industries, the detection control and custody transfer metering process and other occasions, access to a wide range of applications.
• A variety of real-time online monitoring and control functions
In addition to mass flow, but also directly measure the fluid density and temperature. Intelligent flow transmitter that provides a variety of parameters of the display and control functions, is a set of functions as one of the Flow Monitor

• scalability
Company based on user needs, quality designs and manufactures special specification models and special features of the meter; also for remote monitoring operation.

The main purpose and scope of the product
Quality monitoring and metering bulk fine ingredients Chuan mass flowmeter in the following areas of various feeds, measurement and control processes in material flow, fast-changing density measurement, as well as products

Control, etc., can play a very effective role.
Jing Chuan mass flow meter is mainly used to measure the mass flow rate and the total amount of the medium, density, at the same time, it can measure the volumetric flow rate and total, medium temperature, moisture, alcohol alcohol

., The concentration of more uniform mixing two liquids, process flow ratio of raw materials, etc. It is mainly applied to the following sectors:
(1) the oil industry, such as the measurement of crude oil production, water content, measure well production, crude oil metering transport
(2) Chemical Industry
(3) Food industry
(4) Measurement of energy delivery, such as liquefied petroleum gas metering
(5) the environmental protection industry, such as wastewater treatment; desulfurization process slurry density measurement
Production Volume (6) pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, such as liquid medicines
Measurement (7) the paper industry, such as pulp
(8) The textile industry

Mass Flow Meter Product Features:
(1), the measurement function
Direct measurement of the instantaneous mass flow rate of the liquid medium, the cumulative total amount of mass, volume flow rate, volume total, temperature, density and concentration of two-component liquid, etc. can be displayed, output, storage and remote transmission

Transport; modify the meter parameters.
(2), the current output
This product has the current signal output, current output is 4mA ~ 20mA, can meet the needs of industrial instrumentation control.
(3), frequency output
This product has a frequency signal output, frequency output is 0KHz ~ 10KHz, can meet the needs of industrial instrumentation control.
(4), batch control
Batch control relay contact capacity: 24V / 0.1A, contact form is normally open (when the user ordering instructions can be changed to normally closed), this function can meet flow batch control industrial equipment.
(5), communication
This product has data communication function, via RS-485 communication, complete data communication with the computer, enabling control of the computer network.
(6), safety explosion-proof
Mass Flow Meter Typical Applications
Gas categories: air, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen peroxide, methane, butane, chlorine and so on.

Liquid: heavy oil, paraffin, asphalt, sulfuric acid, edible oil, residual oil, acetone, diesel, mine water, detergent, soy sauce, gasoline, oil, syrup, solvents, perfume, water, aviation kerosene, soap ketone water

, Glucose, vegetable oleic acid, brine, paste, ink, coolant, glycol, mineral oil, liquid sugar, hydrochloric acid, automotive coatings, resins, butter, vegetable oil, liquid oxygen, shampoo, toothpaste, gels, Fuel

Milk, bleaches, conditioners, soda, additives, cleaning agents, alkali, ammonia, bunker oil, chemical reagents, kerosene, glycerine, dye, water, nitric acid, high-boiling organic solution, lard, wine

Fine, oil, ethylene, polypropylene, a stupid and so on.

Steam categories: superheated steam, saturated steam

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