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Gas flowmeter in Ningxia, ammonia meter price, micro flow meter manufacturer

Gas flowmeter in Ningxia, ammonia meter price, micro flow meter manufacturer
  • Gas flowmeter in Ningxia, ammonia meter price, micro flow meter manufacturer
Product code: 19728900001
Unit price: 348 CNY  (50.58 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Working pressure: 6.4 (MPa) Nominal diameter: DN4-DN3000 (mm) Working temperature: 350 (degrees centigrade)
Customized processing: Yes Measuring range: 0-33500 (m3/h) Type: differential pressure flowmeter
Model: LDC Specifications: Ningxia flowmeter Accuracy class: 0.5
Brand: other Applicable medium: rate
( Ningxia micro flow meter manufacturer ) Xiamen Jing chuan automation technology company
(Company website) http://www.xmjingchuan.CN/
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(Office address), Huli district, Xiamen City, Changle road 3rd
(Tel) 059-5630657
(7X4 hours) 1585915896 (Yu Gong)
(QQ) 443569383
(Production capacity) of design capacity is 10,000 a year
(Service) within 1 month from the date of the product from the factory to provide warranty service, there is a non-artificial damage quality problems, the company is responsible for the repair, replacement, return, paid lifetime maintenance services are rendered outside warranty.

Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter
Product overview:
Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter Manufacturers are based on fluid Carmen (Karman) developed by the principles used to measure Micro-flow. Gas, steam or liquid flow in a new type of flow meter, and can be used as flow transmitters used in automated control systems. The series flow meter using advanced differential techniques, combined with isolation, shielding, filtering measures, greatly improving the seismic resistance of the product, issues such as overcoming the small signal data disorder, and introduced a unique sensor packaging technology and protective measures to ensure the reliability of the product. Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter Manufacturers are widely used in large. Split-type electromagnetic flowmeter Medium and small pipes and drainage, industrial recycling, sewage, oil and chemicals, as well as compressed air, saturated and superheated steam, gas and a variety of medium flow measurement.
Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter Divided into two types: ordinary type and temperature and pressure compensation. Common type refers to the measurement of a single flow signal, temperature and pressure compensation can be temperature, pressure, and flow measurement. Each form has split and submerged two choices to accommodate and facilitate the installation of different environments.
Second, the principle of work:
Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter Is by direct contact with fluid Vortex generator and detection probes and electronic circuits and other components. When the fluid flows through the shell when the vertical vortex generators, on the sides of the rear two alternately swirls (see the following figure), this whirlpool is called Carmen swirl. Siteluohaer on the basis of the Karman Vortex Street proposed a Karman Vortex frequency is proportional to the velocity of the fluid, and the relationship between frequency and velocity equation:
In the formula: f-Vortex separation frequency (HZ); U
U-tube fluid velocity (m/s); f = 'Sr
D-whirlpool width; (1-1.5d/D)
D-the sensor shell diameter;
Sr-strouhal number, dimensionless number. For certain column spiral body, within a certain flow, is a function of the Reynolds number, can be assumed to be constant throughout the normal flow.
The above shows that, in Vortex generator width d and strouhal number Sr for known conditions, can be determined by measuring the frequency of vortex pipe in the volume flowrate of fluid velocity u and Qv
Qv=3600'Uπ (D/)
Flow sensor flow Qv producing pulses per unit volume n factor called sensor k:
K= (N/ m3 )
Produced by whirlpool alternating force acting on the probe, the inner laying of the charge of the piezoelectric element frequency signal, detected by the front electrical amplification conversion processing, pulse signal output is proportional to volumetric flow, or into a standard output signal. Connected with the flow indicator and temperature, pressure sensors, various parameters of operations can be carried out, display and new threat definitions.
Three Ningxia micro flow meter Product features:
Precision LDC Type Ningxia micro flow meter Has the following characteristics:
? Structure and firm, with no moving parts, can be long-term and stable operation;
? Installation is simple and flexible, and easy to maintain;
? The cumulative flow can be power-off protection, protection of up to more than 10 years;
? High accuracy, usually liquid measurement accuracy ± 1%, gas measurement accuracy of ± 1.5%;
? Wide measuring range, within the Reynolds number is X104-7X106, up to 1:0;
? Small pressure loss, low running costs, meaning more energy-saving;
? Small power consumption, battery durability and seismic performance;
? Output pulse frequency signal, high accuracy, zero drift-free;
? Structured forms, pipeline and plug-in, split and one-piece options available;
( Ningxia micro flow meter Product features)
• Low power consumption technology, battery-powered type flowmeter, with continuous operation more than two years;
• Integrated design of temperature and pressure compensation;
• Split a signal converter, cable length 10 m.
• Range up to 0:1
• Instrument overall structure design, wide dynamic range, pressure loss
• Body made of stainless steel, suitable for corrosive media measurement;
• LCD display, pulse, 4~0mA output, or 485 communications, can be connected to industrial automation systems;
• Displays both flow and accumulated flow value, do not turn switch.
• Vibration probes to effectively eliminate the influence of external vibration.
• Circuits using surface mount technology, compact structure, high reliability.
• Current outputs are electrically isolated, with good common-mode noise rejection capability;
• Accurate measurement over a wide flow range gas, liquid and steam flow and not under the influence of physical properties of fluids.
• Independent of temperature, pressure effects, while not blocking, not easy card, not easy to knot Gas turbine flowmeter Scale, high temperature, high pressure.
• Safe explosion-proof, suitable for harsh environments
• No moving parts, no holes gaps designed product wear-free, stain-resistant, no maintenance, long service life
( Ningxia micro flow meter Technical parameters)
Pressure class: PN5,PN40 (high pressure can be made)
Connection: clamp-DN15-DN300; Flange type DN15-DN300; Plug-in DN00-DN000
Explosion-proof type: flameproof ExdIIBT4 intrinsically ExiaIICT4
Protection class: IP67
Converter housing: die cast aluminium, lacquer
Output signal: current output two wire 4-0mA
Site display: programmable display instantaneous flow and accumulated flow
Communication mode: RS485 communication; Pulse; HART communication
Product name: Ningxia micro flow meter
Test medium: liquid, gas, steam
Insert type: DN00-000mm
Medium viscosity: less than 10cp
Medium temperature:-50 ° c-+ 400 c
Body material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti (supply other materials agreement)
Sensor seal: graphite gasket (Special on request)
Ambient temperature:-30 ℃-+ 80 ºc (Special on request)
Nominal diameter:
Pipeline: DN15-DN300;
Measurement accuracy: liquids: measured value ± 0.5% (Special); gas: measurement values ± 0.5%
Supply voltage: 1-36VDC or 3.6V battery
Lack of volume: 10:1
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