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Beer flowmeter | alcohol meter

Beer flowmeter | alcohol meter
  • Beer flowmeter | alcohol meter
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Jing Chuan JC-LDG / S flowmeter wine alcohol beer flowmeter flowmeter

Jing Chuan JC-LDG / S-type electromagnetic flowmeter products can be widely used in chemical, iron and steel, coal, mining, oil exploration, petrochemicals, papermaking, environmental protection, sugar, pharmaceutical, food, irrigation, drainage and port dredging fields, can accurately measure a variety of acid, alkali, salt solution, raw water, cooling water, sewage, coal slurry, pulp, mud, water, mud, pulp, syrup, coal water slurry, corn syrup, fiber pulp, grain syrup, lime volume flow milk, hydrogen peroxide, beer, wort, black liquor, green liquor and a variety of beverages and other liquid conductive fluid and solid-liquid two-phase body. JY-LDE series of electromagnetic flowmeter has a body and a combination of two types of separation type.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter advantages and unique selling points:

1. Sensor of the most important components - for optimized coil design, and through the most rigorous test of actual flow, and ensure the accuracy of products

2. The signal electrode electrostatic shielding thorough process to ensure that the signal is not affected by interference small coils to ensure accuracy at low flow rates

3. The coil and the outside world for isolation treatment to ensure long-term dielectric strength coil, also ensure long-term measurement accuracy of the sensor

The sensors are used for all welding processes welding process, although the cost is higher, but it can guarantee the reliability of welding (welding is the most important production process sensors), especially after the last one installed coil welding process, with welding technology has been installed to ensure that the coil is not damaged

5. The use of the ground electrode structure to form a balanced electrode plane, ensure that the entire process of measuring the average speed is restricted within the plane of the electrode balancing performed well eliminate electrical noise interference, providing precise measurement results

6. Using a custom double-shielded cable

7. The programmable low-frequency square wave excitation frequency and improve the stability of flow measurement, the power loss is low

8. special media measurement (eg slurry) using high-frequency excitation, eliminate clutter

9. 16-bit embedded microprocessors, computing speed, high precision

10. The all-digital processing, anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy

11. Ultra-low EMI switching power supply for power supply voltage range, good anti EMC performance

12. Use a single circuit board to complete all the features of design, using SMD devices and surface mounted posts SMT) high technology, circuit reliability

13. Chinese high-resolution backlit LCD display, display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow velocity, flow percentage and so on

14. The menu operation, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to understand

15. The two-way measurement system has three internal totalizer can show a positive accumulated amount accumulated amount and the difference between the reverse totalizer respectively

16. a self-test and self-diagnostic function, and displayed on the screen

17. The unique lightning protection design

Electromagnetic Flowmeter anatomy:

Electromagnetic Flowmeter choice points:
A wide range of electromagnetic flowmeters applications. Large caliber instrument applies more to the drainage works, small caliber commonly used in solid-liquid two-fluid or demanding equal unpredictable places, such as measuring liquid and pulp and paper industry pulp black liquor, non-ferrous metallurgy industry, Coal coal slurry, the chemical industry and the steel industry strong corrosive liquids blast furnace cooling water control and monitoring leakage flow of long-distance pipeline hydraulic transportation of coal measurement and control small-caliber, small caliber commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry , bio-engineering and other health requirements of the place.
1, according to the characteristics of a body and a separate type electromagnetic flowmeter, select the appropriate type. One body electromagnetic flowmeter is installed the wiring easy, medium accuracy, should not be installed below ground to prevent the converter is flooded. Separate type electromagnetic flow meter, higher precision, converters and sensor remote installation, more suitable site environment is poor (eg harmful; toxic; vulnerable to flooding and other water sites) occasions, but the installation, the wiring more stringent, or easy introduction of interference signal.
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