Food flowmeter | Oils meter | flowmeter drinks

Food flowmeter | Oils meter | flowmeter drinks

Product description:

Jing Chuan JC-LDG / S-type food and beverage meter meter meter OILS

JC-LDG intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is I am using the latest domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development of all intelligent flow meters, and the older analog or non-intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has a very big difference, especially in the measurement accuracy, reliable resistance, stability, function and other aspects of life. The measured media including sewage, water, water, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids, raw water, cooling water, pulp, mud, coal slurry, pulp, syrup , corn syrup, fiber pulp, grain syrup, lime, hydrogen peroxide, water, beer, wort, milk and a variety of beverages such as conductive liquid and solid-liquid two-phase liquid.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter choice points:

A wide range of electromagnetic flowmeters applications. Large caliber instrument applies more to the drainage works, small caliber commonly used in solid-liquid two-fluid or demanding equal unpredictable places, such as measuring liquid and pulp and paper industry pulp black liquor, non-ferrous metallurgy industry, Coal coal slurry, the chemical industry and the steel industry strong corrosive liquids blast furnace cooling water control and monitoring leakage flow of long-distance pipeline hydraulic transportation of coal measurement and control small-caliber, small caliber commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry , bio-engineering and other health requirements of the place.
1, according to the characteristics of a body and a separate type electromagnetic flowmeter, select the appropriate type. One body electromagnetic flowmeter is installed the wiring easy, medium accuracy, should not be installed below ground to prevent the converter is flooded. Separate type electromagnetic flow meter, higher precision, converters and sensor remote installation, more suitable site environment is poor (eg harmful; toxic; vulnerable to flooding and other water sites) occasions, but the installation, the wiring more stringent, or easy introduction of interference signal.
2. Select the appropriate electrodes form for no crystallization occurs, scarring, does not stain the media electrodes, using standard electrodes, otherwise use a knife clean dirt or cleaning electrode connecting device electrodes measure the sludge for the occasion, but also Selection replaceable electrode.
3, according to the measured medium corrosive selective electrode material.
Electromagnetic flowmeter technology parameters:
Nominal diameter range DN (mm)
Pipeline tetrafluoroethylene lining: 1015203240506580100125150200250300350400450500600
Pipeline rubber lining: 4050658010012515020030035040050060080010001200.
Flow direction: positive and negative net flow turndown ratio: 150: 1 Repeatability error: ± 0.1% of measured value
Exact rating: 0.5, 1.0 (Pipeline)
Measured medium temperature: ordinary rubber lining: -20 + 60 ℃?
High temperature rubber lining:? -20 + 90 ℃
PTFE lining:? -30 + 100 ℃
High temperature tetrafluoroethylene lining:? -30 + 180 ℃.
Rated working pressure: Pipeline:??? DN6 DN80≤1.6Mpa, DN100 DN250≤1.0Mpa, DN300 DN1200≤0.6Mpa.
Flow measuring range: flow measurement range corresponds to the flow rate in the range of 0.1 15m / s?
Conductivity range: the measured fluid conductivity ≥5us / cm (one), the majority of water as a component of the medium, its conductivity at 200 800μs / cm within the range can be selected electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow?.
? Current output: 0 10mA, the load resistance is 0 1.5kΩ; 4 when 20mA, the load resistance is 0 750kΩ???
Digital frequency output: Output frequency upper limit is set at an open-transistor optically isolated band 5000Hz maximum collector current collector bidirectional output external power ≤35V turned to 250mA?..
Power supply: 85 265V, 45 63Hz??.
Straight pipe length: Pipeline: Upstream ≥5DN, downstream ≥2DN.
Connection: flange connection between both meter and piping, flange connection size shall comply with the provisions of GB11988.
Explosion-proof mark: mdIIBT4.
Ambient temperature:? -25 60 ℃
Relative humidity:? 5% 95%
Total power consumption: less than 20 watts.

Electromagnetic flow meter installation:

1; electromagnetic flow meter should be installed in horizontal and vertical piping at lower upwardly; avoid installation at the highest point of the pipeline and vertically downward;

2, electromagnetic flow meter should be installed in the pipeline at the rise;

3; in the opening discharge pipe installation; should be installed in the pipeline at a lower;

4; if the pipeline gap exceeds 5m; downstream sensor installed in the exhaust valve;

5; electromagnetic flow meter should be installed in the control valve and shut-off valve downstream of the sensor; and should not be installed upstream of the sensor;

6; the sensor must not be installed in the inlet and outlet of the pump; it should be installed at the outlet of the pump;

7, in the way of measuring the well electromagnetic flowmeter installation;

Figure 7 Note: 1. Entrance 2. overflow tube wells were washed 3 entrance gate 4. 5. 6. short-tube flowmeter 7. 8. The discharge valve outlet

How to choose to install Node:
Select the correct mounting points and meters are very important part is correctly installed, if the installation link failure, the light affect the measurement accuracy, severe cases can affect the life of the meter, or even damage the meter.
When choosing the installation location require special attention:
Non-measuring electrode axis must be approximately horizontal direction;

Measuring pipe must be completely filled with liquid;
A minimum electromagnetic flow meter in front of 5 * D (D as meter diameter) length of straight pipe sections, the rear must have at least 3 * D (D as meter diameter) length of straight pipe sections;
Fluid flow direction and the direction of the arrow flowmeter is consistent;
Have a vacuum in the pipeline will damage the flowmeter liner, need special attention;
Near electromagnetic flowmeter should be no strong electromagnetic field;
It should be in the vicinity of electromagnetic flowmeter ample space for the installation and maintenance;
If the measurement pipe vibration, measurement of different media on both sides of the meter should be fixed bearing mixing liquid mixing point and the distance between the meter minimum of 30 * D (D mortar meter diameter) in length to facilitate future Cleaning and Maintenance meter should be installed bypass pipe;