Flange mounting Flowmeter | screwed meter | pipe flowmeter

Flange mounting Flowmeter | screwed meter | pipe flowmeter

Product description:

Jing Chuan JC-LDG / S-type flowmeter threaded mounting flange mounting meter pipe flowmeter

Jing Chuan JC-LDG flange-mounted electromagnetic flowmeter

I. Product Overview:

Electromagnetic flowmeter is installed in a different scene modes can be divided into two categories: flange mount and insert flange mounted more suitable for the following pipe diameters DN300, DN300 insert more suitable larger than the diameter of the flange. Installation is also using more common installation, installation is simple, universal, good sealing, as shown below:

Jing Chuan JC-LDG flange type electromagnetic flowmeter from direct contact with the medium pipe and the upper end of the two parts of the sensor signal converter constituted. It is based on the work of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, used to measure the conductivity is greater than 5μs / cm conductive liquid traffic is a conductive medium flow meter measurement. In addition to measuring the flow of conductive liquid, but also can be used to measure acid, alkali and other strong corrosive liquids and homogeneous suspension containing the liquid-solid two-phase liquid, such as mud , pulp, paper pulp, etc., it is widely used in chemical fiber, food, paper, sugar, mining, water supply, environmental protection, water conservancy, steel, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industrial areas to measure various chemical salt solution , mud, pulp, paper pulp, coal water slurry, corn syrup, fiber pulp, grain syrup, lime, sewage, cooling raw water, drainage, saline, hydrogen peroxide, beer, wort, drinks, liquor, green liquor, etc. conductive liquid medium traffic.

Second, the principle:

Jing Chuan JC-LDG flange type electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to work; in the measurement pipe axis and perpendicular to the magnetic field lines of a pair of detecting electrodes wall mounted; when the conductive liquid flows along the pipe axis ; conductive liquid cutting magnetic field lines generated EMF; this EMF detected by the two detection electrodes; value is proportional to the size and flow; it is calculated as follows:

E = B * V * D * K

Where, E-- EMF;

K-- the magnetic field distribution and the axial length of the relevant factors;

B-- magnetic induction;

V-- conductive liquid average velocity;

D-- electrode spacing (pipe diameter);

E EMF sensor as a flow rate signal is transmitted to the converter, after the amplifier, transform, filter and a series of digital processing, with bright LCD display instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow, converter has 4-20mA output, alarm output , frequency output can be selected, and a RS485 communication interface, and supports HART and MODBUS communication protocol.

Third, the product features:

Jing Chuan JC-LDG flange type electromagnetic flowmeter has the following characteristics:

No moving parts inside the pipe n; unimpeded flow of parts; measuring almost no additional pressure loss;

n measurements and velocity distribution; fluid pressure; viscosity physical parameters; temperature; density;

n in the field online range according to actual needs of users;

n programmable low-frequency square wave excitation frequency and improve the flow measurement stability, low power consumption;

n using new ultra-low-power 16-bit microprocessor containing flash memory; high integration; computing speed; high accuracy;

n Ultra Low EM1 switching power supply; large scope of supply voltage variation; strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability;

n High-resolution backlit LCD display wide temperature range; English menu operation; easy to use; simple to operate; easy to learn;

n all-digital processing, anti-interference ability, reliable measurement of high accuracy flow measurement range of up to 150: 1;

n has three internal totalizer; show positive cumulative; reverse the accumulated amount and the difference between the volume totalizer; facilitate fluid metering and trade settlement;

n has a RS485 digital communications signal output, optional RS232 and HART and other fieldbus digital communication output (optional);

n has cleared totalizer remote control function; with open and stop the accumulation of contact signal input; suitable for total inspection and batch processing applications;

n has a self-test and self-diagnostic function; discriminating enough electrodes are contaminated; coverage and other anomalies; failure to provide users with clean electrodes and other treatment information;

n internal design of the instrument does not power down the clock, it can record power-down time (optional);

n instrument with optional hours total recording function, you can save (/ SPAN