Sewage flow meter, water meter

Sewage flow meter, water meter

Product description:


JC-LDG intelligent sewage / waste water electromagnetic flowmeter
JC-LDG intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is I am using the latest domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development of all intelligent flow meters, and the older analog or non-intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has a very big difference, especially in the measurement accuracy, reliable resistance, stability, function and other aspects of life. The measured medium Including sewage; water; water; acids; alkali; salt and other corrosive liquids; raw water; cooling water; pulp; mud; coal slurry; pulp; syrup; corn syrup; fiber pulp; grain pulp; lime; hydrogen peroxide; seawater; beer; wort; milk and a variety of beverages such as conductive liquid and solid-liquid two-phase liquid.
Electromagnetic flowmeters are precision, high reliability and long service life flow meter, so the design of product structure, selection, development of technology, manufacturing, assembly and factory testing during every step we are very careful attention, we also design their own a domestic currently the most advanced, dedicated to the electromagnetic flowmeter production equipment and flow actual flow calibration device, so that software and hardware can effectively guarantee the long-term, high-quality products.
JC-LDG intelligent sewage electromagnetic flowmeter specifically designed with a backlit LCD display wide temperature range of Chinese, functional and practical, intuitive display, easy operation, can reduce other electromagnetic flowmeter English menu the inconvenience. In addition, we exclusive design 4-6 multi-electrode structure, to further ensure the accuracy and any time without grounding ring, reducing the volume and the meter installation and maintenance trouble.

• flow measurement from the fluid density, affect the viscosity, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity changes, the sensor sensing the voltage signal and a linear relationship between average velocity and therefore high accuracy.
• Measure the unimpeded flow of parts in the pipeline, so there is no additional pressure loss;
Measuring the pipe no moving parts, so very long sensor life.
• Since the induced voltage signal is in the whole space is filled with a magnetic field formed, it is the average of the surface pipe set, so the sensor straight pipe required for a shorter length of 5 times the pipe diameter.
• Sensor part only lining and electrode in contact with the measured liquid, as long as a reasonable choice of electrode and lining material can be resistant to corrosion and wear resistance.
• JC-LDG converter uses the latest most advanced microcontroller (MCU) and surface mount technology (SMT), reliable performance, high accuracy, low power consumption, zero stability, convenient parameter setting. Click the Chinese display LCD, display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow velocity, flow percentage and so on.
• Bi-directional measurement system can measure forward flow, reverse flow. Using a special production process and quality materials to ensure product performance remains stable over the long term.

JC-LDG intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
JC-LDG intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurements in closed conduits for conducting liquid and slurry volume flow, such as clean water, sewage, various chemical salt solution, slurry, pulp, paper pulp and liquid foods and the like.

The measuring principle
JC-LDG intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter type measuring principle is based on magnetic field lines cutting motion Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction conductive liquid in a magnetic field; generating EMF conductor; its EMF E is:
Where: K- meter constant
B- magnetic induction
V- measuring the average velocity within the pipe cross-section
D- measure the inner diameter of the pipe section
When measuring the flow rate, the conductive liquid velocity V
Flowing through a magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction, the flow of the conductive liquid induces a voltage proportional to the average velocity, the detection electrode which induced voltage signal by two or more direct contact with the liquid, and sent through the cable converter through intelligent processing, and LCD display or converted into a standard signal 4 ~ 20mA output and 01kHz.

How to correct selection
Instrumentation instrument selection is very important work, the data show that the instrument has practical applications in two-thirds of the fault or wrong selection instrument caused by incorrect installation, please pay special attention.

Data collection
① measured fluid ingredients
② maximum flow, minimum flow
③ maximum working pressure
④ maximum temperature, minimum temperature
Range of electromagnetic flowmeters Q should be greater than the expected maximum flow rate, and the normal flow value slightly larger than the 50% full scale of the meter is appropriate.