Plug-temperature high temperature

Plug-temperature high temperature

Product description:

Plug-temperature high temperature target flowmeter

High temperature medium temperature

typical application

Steam categories:
Superheated steam, saturated steam
Conducting oil; asphalt; heavy oil; liquid paraffin; fluid sulfur; residue; crude oil; oil; etc.
Gas category:
Air; gas; flue gas; etc.

Product Specifications

Diameter: DN100 ~ DN5000mm
Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 42MPa
Condition temperature: + 80 ℃ ~ 200 ℃
Accuracy: ± 0.5 ~ ± 2.5% FS
Range ratio: 1: 8
Housing: 304 stainless steel (or by user request consultations provided)
Power supply: Built-in 3.6VDC lithium battery (two-for-one, without signal output); external supply 24VDC (with output)
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire system; pulse 0 ~ 1000HZ; Hart communication; RS232 / RS485 (or by user request consultations provided)
Protection class: IP65; IP67
Explosion-proof mark: intrinsically safe ExiallCT4; flameproof ExdllCT4
Meter Display: cumulative flow; instantaneous flow; temperature conditions; pressure conditions (temperature and pressure compensation type only); rod percent of full scale; fault detection
Connecting flanges: GB (GB / T) series; Chemical (HG) series; mechanical (JB / T) series; customers can also request States flange standard


· The whole instrument in the design with no moving parts; plug-in structure; easy removal
• You can choose a variety of corrosion and high temperature resistant materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.)
· No dead machine to do sake of sealing (welding form), no leakage point, can be resistant to high pressure 42MPa
· Instrument equipped with a self-test procedures, failure phenomenon glance
• Sensor is not in contact with the measured medium; there is no wear and tear parts; safe and reliable
· In situ using a dry calibration method, which uses weights hanging weight method. One-button operation can complete calibration
* Has a variety of installation methods to choose from; If you choose the online plug-in; low installation cost
* With integrated temperature; pressure compensation; direct output quality or standard side
· With optional low-cut; nonlinear correction; selectable filter time
Be able to accurately measure the gas temperature of 200 degrees condition; liquid; steam flow
· Measurement accuracy, precision can reach 0.5%
· Repeatability, generally 0.05 to 0.08%, rapid
Pressure loss, only the standard orifice 1/2 • P about
* Anti-jamming, anti-impurity capacity particularly strong
* According to the actual need to be replaced Baffles (target plate) and change the flow range
Low-power battery-site display; can be read online direct indication; display screen can be read simultaneously instantaneous and cumulative flow rate and percentage bar graph
* Easy to install, easy to maintain
* A variety of output forms, various parameters can be remote
· Anti-vibration and strong, can be measured within a certain range pulsating flow