Flange type level transmitter

Flange type level transmitter

Product description:

I. Introduction

JCL-F level transmitter diffusion silicon American original high-precision stainless steel isolation diaphragm sensor and dedicated conversion circuit, absorbing the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and equipment to ensure long-term stable and reliable product can be used in water and other liquid media.

Second, product characteristics

Products of high precision; good long-term stability; wide measuring range; reliability industry-leading laser all-welded construction; no O-ring seal structure; ensure the long-term use of non-leakage whole fixed structure; impact shock anti-RF; Lightning Overvoltage hit design; reverse polarity; limiting multiple protection

Power supply 24VDC
Output signal 4 ~ 20mA; 1 ~ 5V; 0 ~ 10mA; 0 ~ 20mA; 0 ~ 5V; RS485;
Range 0 ~ 0.5m. 200m water column
Compensation temperature 0 ~ 80 ℃
Medium temperature 0 ~ 100 ℃
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 85 ℃
Material stainless steel
Optional integrated precision level
Zero temperature drift ± 0.03% FS / ℃
Sensitivity temperature drift ± 0.03% FS / ℃
Overload pressure 200% FS
Long-term stability ≤0.2% FS / Year

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Code Explanation
Types of JCL-F707 Lan Level Transmitter
JCL-F708 Hose Level Transmitter
JCL-F709 Rod level transmitter
JCL-F10 Digital Level Transmitter
JCL-F711 Flange type level transmitter
JC-F712 Chemical seal type level transmitter
Range B0 0~5m
B1 0~1m
B2 0~2m
B300 0~300m
BX Designation
Accuracy class J0 0.1%
J1 0.2%
J2 0.25%
J3 0.5%
J4 1.0%
Cable length (bar; hose; steel) L0 The default length