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Fujian target type flowmeter, threaded target flowmeter, taper threaded tube target flowmeter

Fujian target type flowmeter, threaded target flowmeter, taper threaded tube target flowmeter
  • Fujian target type flowmeter, threaded target flowmeter, taper threaded tube target flowmeter
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Custom processing: Brand: Xiamen Jing Chuan Model: JC-SBL
Type: impulse type flowmeter Measuring range: 1-36000 (m3 / h) Accuracy: 0.5
Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN2000 (mm) Medium: liquid Working Pressure: 10 (MPa)
Working temperature: 200 (℃)

Jing Chuan JC- SBL target flowmeter threaded mount

I. Product Overview:
Jing Chuan new generation of intelligent threaded SBL target flowmeter, set the flow rate, temperature, pressure detection functions in one, the use of advanced microcontroller technology and capacitive pressure sensor, the product no moving parts, anti-vibration, anti-impurity, anti-jamming capability strong; simple, easy to install, maintenance-free, self-test failure, a series of features and low operating costs have been widely used in semi-water gas, coke oven gas, heavy oil, residual oil metering, asphalt, liquid paraffin, toluene, sulfuric acid. as well as other special media measurement gas, methane chloride, the flue gas, chlorine gas, sewage, clean water, etc., to solve the difficult flow measurement industry for years.
Second, the principle:
When the medium flows in the measuring tube, the kinetic energy of the Target by its own generating pressure, the force generated on the target plate, so that the target plate displacement trace, the size of the force proportional to the square of its velocity and media ., Target suffered by the target lever force transmission, the elastomer sensor produces small changes, thus breaking the bridge balance SMD capacitors generation and traffic on the target plate voltage signal corresponding to the force: the fluid flow Impact characteristics of voltage squared flow and electricity generated is proportional to the bridge.
F = Cd`A`ρ`V2 / 2
Where F: Target suffered force
Cd: fluid resistance coefficient
A: Target axial projection area of ​​the measuring tube
ρ: density of the medium conditions
V: medium in the measuring tube characteristic velocity
Target suffered the force transmitted through the target rod elastomer sensors produce small changes, through circuit switching, outputs a corresponding electrical signal.
Third, the product features:
1, the entire instrument in the design with no moving parts, plug-in structure, easy disassembly;
2, can choose a variety of corrosion and high temperature resistant materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.);
3, the machine can do no dead ends, fully sealed (welded form), no leakage point, can be resistant to 42MPa high pressure;
4, instrument features self-test procedures, failure phenomenon glance;
5, the sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, there is no wear and tear parts, the use of safe and reliable;
6, may be the use of dry calibration method, which uses weights hanging weight method calibration can be done one-button operation.;
7, with a variety of installation methods to choose from, such as selecting the online plug-in, low installation costs;
8, with integrated temperature and pressure compensation, direct the output quality or standard side;
9, with an optional low-cut, non-linear correction, filter time option;
10, can accurately measure a variety of normal, high temperature of 500 degrees -200 degrees temperature conditions of the gas and liquid flow;
11, measurement accuracy, precision can reach 0.2%;
12, repeatability, generally 0.05 to 0.08%, rapid;
13, pressure loss, only the standard orifice 1/2 • P about;
14, anti-jamming, anti-impurity capacity particularly strong;
15, according to the actual need to be replaced Baffles (target plate) and change the flow range;
16, low-power battery-site display that can be read online direct indication, the display can be read simultaneously instantaneous and cumulative flow rate and percentage bar graphs;
17, easy to install, easy to maintain;
18, multiple output format, various parameters can be remote;
19, anti-vibration and strong, within a certain range can be measured pulsatile flow;
Fourth, the technical parameters:
Measured medium
Liquid; gas; steam
Nominal diameter
Flange 15 ~ 500mm
Clamp-15 ~ 500mm
Plug-in 65 ~ 3000mm
0.6 ~ 42MPa
0.6 ~ 42MPa
0.6 ~ 42MPa
Medium temperature
-200 ℃ ~ + 500 ℃ or higher temperatures
Range of
1: 3 (liquid)
1:10 (steam)
1: 5 (liquid, gas)
1:10 (liquid, gas)
1:10 (steam)
Compensation in the form of
Temperature compensation; pressure compensation
Power supply
Owned lithium battery inside the machine (3.6V); external power supply 24VDC
Output Type
Live shows; 4 ~ 20mA two-wire system; pulse 0 ~ 5V; RS485 / RS232; GPRS wireless remote
Measuring tube material
Carbon steel; stainless steel; also according to user request consultations provided
Explosion levels
Intrinsically safe (ExiaIICT4); flameproof (ExdIICT4)
Protection class
IP65; IP67
Flange Specifications
Flowmeter connecting flange specifications execute GB / T series standards, according to user requirements of special processing.
Attached flow range lookup table:
Fifth, the instrument selection:
A- nominal diameter, see table above flow range;
For example: 150 representatives caliber DN150mm
B- Connection
1. Threaded conduit
2. pipeline flange
3. The clamp-on
4. Plug-in
5. removable Online
C- media types
1. Gas
2. Liquid
3. Steam
D- medium temperature
1. The ambient temperature -20 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
2. High temperature 196 ° C ~ + 450 ° C
0. Table body no temperature pressure sensor
1. The meter body with a temperature in the pressure sensor
Table 2. The body temperature sensor, no pressure sensor (saturated steam temperature compensation)
3. Body in pressure sensor, no temperature sensor (saturated vapor pressure compensation)
F- output
1. 4 ~ 20mA output
2. Pulse output
G- Communication:
1. RS485 communication
2. With HART protocol
Nominal H-
For example: 2 represents a nominal 1.0MPa