Jing Chuan JCDCS control system

Jing Chuan JCDCS control system

Product description:

Whether to provide custom processing : Yes Brand : fine River Model : JCDCS
Usage: centralized management, decentralized control

Jing Chuan JCDCS control system compared PLC control system has the following six major advantages:

1, a variety of terminal devices can be simultaneously dispersed remote control ;

2180-360V wide range of operating power to ensure the site can work properly when voltage fluctuations ;

3, electromagnetic isolation safety, and without regard to pre- isolators and other security measures and cost savings ;

4, with 16:00 server, and fully guarantee the system acquisition time; powerful and truly redundant ;

5, independent decentralized control without programming process ;

6, the human community interaction, touch operation, simple operation, vivid, improve grades .