Yudian AI-706M-type 6-channel data logging devices

Yudian AI-706M-type 6-channel data logging devices

Product description:

Brand: Yu Xinhua Model: AI-706M Custom processing:
Accuracy: 0.2 Structure Type: Modular Display: digital tube
Dimensions: 96 * 96; 96 * 48; 160 * 80; 72 * 7248 * 48 (mm) Hole size: 92 * 92; 92 * 45; 152 * 76; 68 * 6845 * 45 (mm)

Whether to provide custom processing It is Brand Xiamen Jing Chuan
product number AI-706M six-way indicator measurement accuracy0.2
Structure type Disk loading display method Digital Tube
Dimensions 96 * 96 96 * 48 160 * 80 72 * 72 (mm) Hole Size 92 * 92 92 * 45 152 * 76 68 * 68 (mm)

Multiple measurements and has a wealth of computing functions

AI-706M-type six-way measurements show alarm

Modular programmable input can support a variety of thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, and two-wire transmitter inputs. Each channel can have different input specifications can be defined independently of each scale, decimal point position, display resolution, digital filtering strength and translational correction settings. 0.2 measurement accuracy.

AI-706M can support up to six signal measurement, suitable for analog data acquisition module in a computer or PLC control system, in order to provide input to the computer specifications rich, high-precision, high stability and low cost analog data acquisition; also provide digital input or output to the host computer, the PC can perform switching operations through the instrument.

Built-prescribing, multipliers, adders and subtraction calculation function, etc., can be linear signal input prescribing, multiplication and subtraction, and the calculation results show that the transmission standard signal output or transmitted to the host machine.

Built-in wet bulb temperature measurement operation function, according to the wind speed and atmospheric pressure constant setting, enter the dry bulb and wet bulb Pt100 signals, can accurately measure the ambient temperature and humidity, especially in high humidity situations, have higher than ceramic hygrometer precision and service life.

Each loop all have separate upper and lower limit alarm function, the alarm output freely programmable, allowing multiple alarm signal output settings from the same module position.

A transmission output selectable transmission or multiple loop transmission. Up provides two independent transmission output.

High-performance hardware design, greatly reduce the temperature drift and interference between channels is much lower, so that multiple measurements on the accuracy and anti-jamming performance is also achieved with the single channel measuring instrument fairly standard.

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