Heat metering system

Heat metering system

Product description:

Xiamen Jing Chuan heat metering system

Cities and towns in the north of heating with heat quite common, heat energy table as company valuation fee basis and means, energy 20%~30% But for the industrial park central heating with hot due to the larger diameter (residential heat meter can do DN20 ) The field has been the lack of scientific, especially in the south this year the national policy to promote heating. So Sisson Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou independent research and development of energy metering systems in the hope of saving our country to make its own contribution to the field.

Xiamen Jing Chuan heat metering system can be used in several products to measure the heat:

First, the ultrasonic flowmeter, thermal resistance (two), the heat Totalizer and other instrumentation components
Xiamen Jing Chuan ultrasonic flowmeter + RTD + heat Totalizer

① ultrasonic flowmeter is the use of low-voltage, multi-pulse time difference principle, the use of high-precision and ultra stable double-balanced differential signal transmitter, sound wave transmission time differential receiver patented digital detector technology, measuring downstream and upstream direction, the flow rate is calculated according to the time difference The product has good stability, zero drift, high accuracy, wide turndown ratio, anti-jamming features.
Measuring media: water, sewage, water, alcohol, oils and other single homogeneous stable liquid ultrasonic energy conduction.
Ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into one and split two.
② thermal resistance is used to measure a variety of production processes within the -200 ℃ -500 ℃ A range of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface temperature.

③ heat Totalizer mainly to solve the fluid flow and heat measurement, designed to improve the accuracy of flow measurement products. Site for a variety of signals, temperature, flow, etc. acquisition, display, control, remote, communications, printing and other processing, composing digital acquisition systems and control systems for oil boiler, plumbing and other heating systems and heat exchange system, heat and mass transfer for online measurement, thereby providing the basis for enterprise energy management, metering of energy consumption, technical and economic.
④ heat metering system installation diagram is shown below (for reference only)

Integrated ultrasonic flowmeter Heat-measuring system installation diagram

Plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter heat measurement system installation diagram

Heat pipe ultrasonic flowmeter measurement system installation diagram

Second, by the electromagnetic heat meter Composition FLDC series electromagnetic sensor + RTD + electromagnetic energy flow converter (heat Totalizer) and other parts

Electromagnetic heat meter is a measure of the thermal conversion system released heat carrying fluid heat measuring instruments. It uses a high-precision, high reliability electromagnetic flowmeter as flow measurement using high-precision, high stability of platinum RTD for temperature measurement, so that the heat meter has a very excellent measurement performance it can be widely used in measuring residential quarters, office buildings and enterprises central heating, heating, air conditioning and other heat.
② heat metering system installation diagram is shown below (for reference only)

Composed of three, Xiamen Jing Chuan series of electromagnetic flowmeters + RTD + heat Totalizer and other parts