Explosion-proof thermal resistance

Explosion-proof thermal resistance

Product description:

Explosion-proof thermal resistance

Industrial explosion thermal resistance as temperature measurement and control sensor and display instrument for direct measurement and temperature control of the production process of gas, liquid and steam.
I produced the chemical-specific explosion thermocouple, RTD products explosion-proof performance by country promulgated 'explosive environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment' standard design and manufacture of thermoelectric properties in line with the international IEC standards and tested by the National Instruments explosion-proof safety supervision station Explosion thermocouple, RTD-proof structure, principle and assembly basically the same way, the main difference is flameproof products junction box (housing) in the design of high-strength aluminum die-casting, and has enough interior space, the wall thickness and mechanical strength, thermal stability of the rubber seals are in line with national standards for explosion so when the explosive mixture inside the junction box exploded, its internal pressure will not damage the junction box, and the resulting heat can not spread out - Booster long as the user strict compliance with the rules of product use, explosion-proof RTD product can achieve reliable explosion-proof effect.

Compression spring-type temperature sensing element, anti-vibration performance;
Measurement accuracy;
Without compensation wire, cost savings;
Imported film resistive element, reliable performance and stability.

working principle
Explosion proof thermal resistance is the use of space principles, junction boxes and other components designed to have sufficient strength, all will produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperature of the components are sealed in the junction box cavity, the cavity when the explosion occurred, through flame and cooling joints gap that after the explosion of flame and temperature not pass outside the cavity, thereby performing explosion.

The main technical parameters

Product performance standards
IEC751 JB / T18622-1997 JB / T8623-1997 JB / T5518-91
Insulation resistance at room temperature
Explosion-proof thermal resistance at ambient temperature of 15-35 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%, the test voltage of 10-100V (DC) insulation resistance between the electrode and the jacket pipe) 100MΩ.

Measuring range and tolerance

No indexing
Temperature range
Accuracy class
Allowable error
A level
± (0.15 + 0.002) ltl
Grade B
± (0.30 + 0.005) ltl
Cu50 Cu100
± (0.30 + 0.005) ltl

Model naming

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