Explosion-proof Thermocouple fixed thread

Explosion-proof Thermocouple fixed thread

Product description:

Explosion-proof Thermocouple fixed thread

Normally and display instruments , Recording instruments , Computer and other ancillary uses . Direct measurement of the presence of hydrocarbons and other explosives production site of 0 ~ 1300 Within ℃ range of liquid , Steam and gas and solid surface temperature .

working principle:

Explosion-proof thermocouple principle is the use of space , Designed with sufficient strength to junction boxes and other components , All will produce sparks , Arcs and dangerous temperature of the components are sealed in the junction box cavity , When the cavity explosion , Flame and cooling through the joints clearance , So that after the explosion of flame and temperature not pass outside the chamber , Thereby performing explosion .


More proof in the form , Proof performance
Compression spring-type temperature sensing element , Good vibration resistance
Large measuring range
High mechanical strength , Good pressure resistance .

The main technical parameters:

GB / T16839-1997
JB / T5518-1991
Explosion-proof thermocouple

Product performance standards

Insulation resistance at room temperature

Thermocouples at an ambient temperature of 20 ± 15 , Relative humidity less than 80% , Test voltage 500 ± 50V ( Direct-current ) The insulation resistance between the electrode and the jacket pipe ≥1000M Ω ・m .

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