Gas metering system

Gas metering system

Product description:

Xiamen Jing Chuan natural gas metering system

Xiamen Jing Chuan natural gas metering system introduced:

I. System Overview

Between natural gas measurement used to measure the user's gas consumption, as a basis for a fee. The traditional manual meter reading between the metering of natural gas due to the wide geographical distribution, gas consumption statistics for each unit requires a lot of manpower and material resources, etc. Since, low worker productivity, and the company leaders and relevant departments can not timely and dynamic understanding of the various users of natural gas usage, hindering the further transmission of poor water management company products. implement inter-metering of natural gas remote monitoring and management system can be further improved natural gas gathering and transportation company's security management products and water metering, poor transport management, improve resource utilization, improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs.

Second, the system consists of:

1, Xiamen Jing Chuan natural gas metering system consists of the following components:
Monitoring Center: (computers, natural gas metering monitoring and management system software)
Communication Network: (based on mobile communication network or telecommunications platform)
GPRS / CDMARTU or BTU: (collected on-site flow meters, pressure signal, transmitted to the monitoring center through the GPRS / CDMA network, site selection BTU product without electricity, use RTU product when an electric field)
Measuring instruments: (flowmeter, pressure transmitter)

2, the system structure:

Third, the hardware features

1, GPRS / CDMARTU basic functions and features:

Equipped with a variety of interface resources, including analog signal acquisition, digital input, output, pulse signal input and the like;
Supports one RS232 / RS485 mode user data interface can access PLC and other equipment;
Acquisition and transmission control integration, improve system reliability, reduce the cost;
Using industrial-grade ultra-low-power high-performance embedded processors;
The user can program the range conversion and alarm limit setting;
It offers industrial clock, accurate timing;
Automatic timed event triggers reporting and reporting functions;
Built-in large capacity FLASH memory, automatic data recording, supports historical data retrieval;
Improve communication protocol, configuration software support, users avoid exploitation;
Onboard GSM / GPRS / CDMA transmission module to facilitate the user to select GSM, GPRS or CDMA networking;
Providing user setup software, open interface for easy connection with the group too software and other software;
Industrial design, stable and reliable, durable;

2, GPRS / CDMARTU internal structure

Fourth, the software features
⑴, powerful database support and storage capacity:
The system supports SQLServer and other can be accessed via ODBC interface to the database system, which for the Sybase database server, you can use UNIX or Windows2003 operating system the client can use two interfaces OpenClient and ODBC database server: store all the data systems (including : operating data, configuration information, alarm information, safety information and operator privileges, operation and maintenance records, etc.), it is only passively respond to requests from other business units, access has the file archiving capabilities, you can archive files on the hard disk. Save a year, and then poured into other storage medium holding;
⑵, a variety of data query and reporting functions: to provide a lot of reports to meet the needs of users, device classification alarm statistics reports, alarm classification statistical reports, comparative statement alerting end office, to run the state statistical reports, some time equipment running status query report, and Monitoring reports and other historical curve;
⑶, data collection and information query function: This function is one of the core functions of the system, because it directly determines whether the monitoring center in real-time to accurately grasp the real-time measurement of the amount of user basis-point implementation of this feature is high precision. meter and based on real-time online transmission GPRS network;
⑷, metering data telemetry functions: data reporting system using self-reporting and telemetry system that is a combination of automatic reporting-based, users can also have the right in the case of any one or more metering point active telemetry;.
⑸, view the online monitoring points: In view online you can see all the online monitoring point, the user can monitor all online monitoring points;
⑹, view real-time information: real-time information in the query, the user can check the latest data;
⑺, user query: query the user can query the system in all units of information;
⑻, the operator query: in the operator query, you can query the system to all operators;
⑼, historical data query: historical data query, the system can query historical data;
⑽, natural gas consumption query and report generation: You can query the amount of information the day, month, year any units;
⑾, per unit of water analysis: in the unit of analysis can query a unit day, month and year of the curve;
⑿, each monitoring point analysis: analysis of the various monitoring points can query a monitoring point day, month and year of the curve; ⒀, large SQL databases: support multiple users and massive amounts of data;
⒁, information dissemination and reporting: The website of the way, the other sub-centers no cost, user-friendly and management;
Setting and security guarantees ⒂, system functions: system settings: In the system settings of the relevant parameters of the system to be set;
Rights Management: In the right management, it is possible for the operating system's user rights management has to prevent the invasion of non-local system personnel system, different levels of users have different permissions do exercise authority;.
⒃, other system functions: Online Help: online help function, user-friendly search functions to use operation; the operation log function: the operator for the important operating systems, to keep the operation log; Online Map: Online map shows the local Geographic information; remote maintenance functions: the remote device with remote maintenance functions, user-friendly installation and post-remote gas metering system maintenance monitoring system displays the following:

Fifth, the system features
GPRS or CDMA-based wireless networks over a wide range of pipeline condition monitoring, eliminating the need for users to expensive network construction and maintenance costs, high real-time, low-cost networking;
Monitoring information-rich real system response speed;
Large-capacity database, historical data storage no worries;
A plurality of sub-center support, GPRS access, user management;
Highly reliable industrial-grade design, easy maintenance;
Economic, social benefits significantly, low operating cost;
System Scalability: The system should have powerful extensions, they can always add users, hardcopy function, report printing, computing tool functionality.
Six applications
Remote monitoring of natural gas measurement, gas pipeline scheduling monitoring, pipeline leak locating scheduling.