Steam IC card prepaid system

Steam IC card prepaid system

Product description:

Steam IC card prepaid system

IC card prepaid system Steam

System components:

1, the flow sensor 2, pressure sensor 3, the temperature sensor 1 + 2 + 3 consisting of steam flow metering

4, IC card control box 5, the electric valves 6, GPRS data module composed of 4 + 5 IC card prepaid system

6 All data through GPRS data transfer module is sent to the monitoring center computer .

Function Description:

1, to achieve the first payment, after using steam, the balance of inadequate alarm recharge when the balance is zero own shut-off valve

2, anti- theft feature, when an illegal power or open the meter when the meter box door, automatically close the steam supply valve to stop the gas supply .

3, IC card implementation of a table and a card one yards, with multi-layered security features strictly prohibited.

4, with a configuration of different functions can be arbitrarily selected according to user specific changes or rationalize the situation