Portable ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, handheld ultrasonic flowmeter

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, handheld ultrasonic flowmeter

Product description:

Custom processing: Brand: Xiamen Jing Chuan Model: JC-TUF
Type: Momentum flowmeter Measuring range: 1-40000 (m3 / h) Accuracy: 0.5
Nominal Diameter: DN10-DN5000 (mm) Medium: fluid Working Pressure: 10 (MPa)
Working temperature: 200 (℃)

Flowmeter, handheld ultrasonic flowmeter


Based on the principle of ultrasonic flowmeter signal detection can be divided into the propagation speed difference method (direct difference method, difference method, the phase difference method and frequency difference method), the beam offset method, Doppler method, correlation method, spatial filter method and noise method.

Ultrasonic flowmeters and electromagnetic flowmeters, flow path because the meter did not set any obstacle member, are unimpeded flow meter is suitable for flow measurement difficult problems to solve a class of flowmeter, particularly in the large-diameter flow measurements have a more prominent The advantages of rapid development in recent years, it is one of a class of flowmeter.

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(1) do non-contact measurement;

(2) no flow obstruction measure, no pressure loss;

(3) measures the non-conductive liquid, no obstruction of measuring electromagnetic flowmeter is a supplement;

(4) Except with a measuring tube segment, in general, do not need to make real flow calibration;

Without diameter limit (5) principle, its cost is substantially independent of the diameter.


(1) travel time method can only be used for clean liquids and gases; and Doppler method can only be used to measure a certain amount of suspended particles and bubble liquid;

(2) Doppler measurement accuracy is not high.



• unique signal digital processing technology, the instrument measuring the signal more stable, anti-jamming capability, more accurate measurement.

• No mechanical transmission parts are not easy to damage, maintenance-free, long life.

• more optimized circuit, high integration, low power consumption and high reliability.

• Intelligent standard signal output, friendly interface, multiple secondary signal output for you to choose.

• pipe-stage small diameter measuring economical and convenient, high accuracy; Handheld Ultrasonic flowmeter F601 / G601 technical parameters are as follows: measuring Measuring principle: difference correlation principle flow rate: 0.01 ~ 25 m / s Resolution: 0.025 cm / s Repeatability: 0.15% reading accuracy depending on the application: (fully developed flow field and radially symmetrical) Volume flow: ± 1% reading, depending on the application ± 0.5% of reading, calibrated flow rate: ± 0.5% of reading, depending on the application can be measured media: all acoustically conductive fluid, and the volume content of bubbles or solid particles (10% Host computer Shell Weight: ~ 1.9kg; Protection class: IP65 (according to EN60529); Material: aluminum, powder coated Dimensions: (226 x 213 x 59) mm (WxHx D) channels: 2 hazardous areas: Zone 2 Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery (6V / 4Ah); external power supply (100 ~ 240) VAC Battery life:) 14h Display: 2 x 16 characters, dot matrix, backlit Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃ Power: (6W signal averaging: (0 ~ 100) s, adjustable measuring rate: (100 ~ 1000) Hz (1 channel) Response time: 1s (1 channel), 70ms optional. Measurement function Measurements: volume / mass flow, velocity, energy flow (desired temperature input) the cumulative amount of: volume, mass, energy (optional) calculation function: mean, the difference between the sum of the working languages: Czech, Danish, German, English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish data record Parameters can be recorded: All measured quantities and the cumulative amount of capacity:) 100 000 measurements communication Interface: RS232, RS485 (optional) Communication parameters: measured values, recorded values, parameter record Software: FluxData (optional)


: Download measurement / recording, graphical display, format conversion operating system: WindowsTM; Process output (optional) Output from the master device is electrically isolated from the output of the number of groups depending on the type of output more information, please contact FLEXIM current range:. (0 / 4-20) mA Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ± 15μA active output: Rext (500 ?? passive Output: Uext (24V, Rext (1k ?? voltage range: (0 ~ 1) V or (0 ~ 10) V Accuracy: 0 ~ 1V: 0.1% of reading ± 1mV0 ~ 10V: 0.1% of reading ± 10mV meter impedance: Ri = 500 ?? frequency range: 0 ~ 1kHz or 0 ~ 10kHz open collector: 24 V / 4mA switch open collector: 24 V / 4mA Reed Relays: 48 V / 0.1A features such as status outputs: upper and lower limits, sign change or error pulse output: Value: (0.01 ~ 1000) units Width: (80 ~ 1000) ms process input (Optional) Enter the primary device is electrically isolated from the input temperature up to 4 groups Type:. Pt100, four-wire range : -50 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ Resolution: 0.1 K Accuracy: ± (0.02K + 0.1% of reading) Current Range: active: (0 ~ 20) mA passive: (-20 ~ 20) mA Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ± 10 A active input: Ri = 50 ?? passive input: Uext (24V, Rext (1k ?? voltage range: (0 ~ 1) V or (0 ~ 10) V Accuracy: 0 ~ 1V: 0.1% of reading ± 1mV0 ~ 10V: 0.1% of reading ± 10mV meter impedance: Ri = 1M Clamp-on probe

Applicable diameter: DN6-DN6500 Temperature: -30 to 400 ℃ (applicable hazardous area) See chart for more information, please refer to the relevant manuals. Thickness measuring probe (optional) Measuring range: (1.0 - 200) mm Resolution: 0.01 mm Linearity: 0.1 mm Standard: -20 ℃ to + 60 ℃ High temperature: 0 ℃ to + 200 ℃ short time up to + 540 ℃ Applications