Steam flow meter

Steam flow meter

Product description:

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Jing Chuan steam flow LUGB site display type vortex flowmeter

product description

I. Product Overview:
LUGB Steam flow meter Is a new design concept, the temperature, pressure, flow signals in one set, three intelligent digital processor processing output signals are mixed after a standard flow-compensated, enabling gas, steam temperature and pressure compensation through . Thanks to intelligent integration of design, therefore, LUGB temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex has a compact structure, installation and easy maintenance features.

two, Steam flow meter Features
Table body while incorporating temperature and pressure compensation compensation measure standard volume flow or standard mass flow rate of the fluid.
Full of intelligent, digital circuit design, automatically compensates for the measured fluid density or standard volumetric calculations.
The new digital filtering and correction feature allows more accurate and reliable flow measurement.
Battery-powered without external power supply can work continuously for more than two years.
The new dot matrix character LCD display easier to operate.

three, Steam flow meter Technical Parameters
Measuring media
Gas, water, saturated steam, superheated steam, natural gas
Nominal diameter
DN25 - DN500
Medium temperature
- 40℃―+150℃ ; -40℃―+280℃ ; -40℃―+350℃ ;
-40 ℃ - + 420 ℃ (with optional removable sensor head continuous flow type)
Accuracy class
1.5, 1.0 (preferred), 0.5, 0.2 (on supply agreement)
Vortex flow range can be measured
Liquid: 0.4 m / s -10 m / s
Gas, steam: 4m / s - 70 m / s
Amplifier Selection
Integration of intelligent digital temperature and pressure compensation Steam flow meter Explosion levels
Intrinsically safe ExiaⅡCT4
Flameproof ExdⅡCT6
Protection class
IP54, IP65
Body Material
1Cr18Ni9Ti (other material supply agreement)

four, Steam flow meter Type and function selection
LUGB ..... full tube vortex flow sensors
A-LUGB type Steam flow meter Table connection form thereof:
1 flange connection type (temperature and pressure compensation type vortex must Selection)
2 Fa Lanka mounted (preferred type)
B- measurable media:
A gas, liquid, steam GM (only intelligent digital filter shown vortex)
2 measuring liquid
3 measuring gas
4 measuring saturated steam, superheated steam
C- vortex diameter: DN15-300 (mm)
D- output signal:
0 voltage pulse (low ≤1V, high ≥6V, pulse ≥10uS)
1 two-wire 4-20mA output (temperature and pressure compensated for the three-wire)
2 No signal output scene display
E- maximum medium temperature can be measured:
0 -40℃.+150℃
1 -40 ℃. + 280 ℃ (LUCB plug-in vortex 250 ℃)
2 -40 ℃. + 350 ℃ (LUCB plug-in vortex not optional)
3 -40 ℃. + 420 ℃ (Only disassemble the sensor head continuous flow type)
F- proof grade:
0 No Explosion-proof, protection class IP54, IP65
A safe explosion-proof, explosion-proof grade ExiaⅡCT4
2 explosion-proof, explosion-proof rating for ExdⅡCT6
G- vortex amplifier display form:
0 No site display type
1 scene display type (LCD, can display the instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, compensated also display temperature, pressure, flow, and other standard conditions)
H- meter accuracy class:
0 1.0 (LUGB type preferred, LUCB type required supply agreement)
1 0.5 (only LUGB Vortex)
2 0.2 (only LUGB vortex, require agreement supply)
3 2.5 (LUCB type insertion type vortex preferred type)
4 1.5 (LUCB plug-in vortex supply agreement required)
5 low-flow vortex (Table vivo direct reduced diameter, the precision level ≥1.5)
I- Amplifier Mounting:
0 meter body and not separated type Amplifier
1 table body separation type amplifier (separation distance ≤10 meters temperature and temperature and pressure compensation type table is not optional)
2 Submersible Vortex
J- Vortex amplifier power:
0 12VDC power supply
1 24VDC power supply
2 3.6V (or 3V) lithium battery (only with LCD no signal output type vortex)
3 3.6V (or 3V) lithium battery, 24VDC power supply at the same time (only with LCD signal output type vortex)
NOTE: 3V lithium battery is only applicable to the integration of temperature and pressure compensation type vortex
K- vortex detection and amplifier display form:
0 No compensation formula (no temperature and pressure compensation function)
Before 1 scene shows the gas temperature and pressure compensation integrated smart (LUGB flange-connected gas meter body only. Can display the instantaneous flow standard conditions, standard conditions cumulative flow, temperature, pressure or frequency, time, etc. can also select compensation or compensated three-wire 4-20mA output and voltage pulse output, pulse low ≤1V, high ≥6V, pulse duty cycle of 50%)
2 scene shows superheated steam temperature and pressure compensation integrated smart (LUGB flange connection superheated steam, saturated steam tables dedicated body can be carried out density compensation calculation can display the instantaneous mass flow rate, the cumulative mass flow, temperature, pressure, or work actual volume, frequency, etc. can also select front compensation or compensated three-wire 4-20mA output and voltage pulse output, pulse low ≤1V, high ≥6V, pulse duty factor of 50%)
3 scene shows the temperature compensated smart (LUGB type saturated steam table body dedicated, density compensation can be calculated to display the instantaneous mass flow rate, the cumulative mass flow or temperature, pressure, etc. Alternatively compensated three-wire voltage pulse output, pulse low flat ≤1V, high ≥6V, pulse duty factor of 50%)
L-LUGB type full tube vortex sensor head is installed in the form of:
0 sensor head cutout demountable
1 sensor head continuous flow demountable (≥350 ℃ vortex must Selection)
M- Communication:
0 No communication
1 R485 communication (only smart amplifier)
2 R232 communication (only smart amplifier)
N-HART protocol:
0 No HART protocol
1 with HART protocol (supply agreement required)
Q- filtering methods:
0 Normal mode
An intelligent digital filter mode (supply agreement required)