Jing Chuan JC-ME3 three-phase Multifunction Power Meter

Jing Chuan JC-ME3 three-phase Multifunction Power Meter

Product description:

Whether to provide custom processing: Yes Type: Three-phase Multifunction Power Meter Brand: fine River
Model: JC-ME3 Basic current: AC1A or 5A (A) (A) Accuracy: 0.5
Reference voltage: AC100V or 400V (V) (V) Current ratio: 1.2 Display: high brightness LCD
Frequency: 45-55 (Hz) (Hz) Maximum current: 5 (A) QTY: 5
Specifications: Directions

Jing Chuan JC-ME3 Three Phase Multifunction Power Meter

I. Product Overview:

Jing Chuan JC-ME3 three-phase multi-function power meter uses modern digital signal processing chips and high-precision energy measurement IC that can accurately measure the three-phase grid stability for all common power parameters: Three-phase voltage, phase current, active power , reactive power, apparent power, power grid frequency, power factor, four-quadrant power, and with a digital communication interface, power pulse output function.

Jing Chuan JC-ME3 three-phase Multifunction Power Meter has a very high price, it can directly replace conventional measuring instruments, electrical measuring instruments and related auxiliary unit. As an advanced intelligent grid front-end digital acquisition unit has widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems, substation automation, distribution automation, residential electricity monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, smart power strip, switch cabinets. with easy installation, wiring is simple, easy maintenance, engineering, field programmable set of input parameters and other characteristics. using MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, to achieve LCD display and remote RS-485 digital communications. and to complete the group with industry PLC, industrial computers between Netcom.

Second, the functional characteristics:

Measurement: Three-phase voltage, current active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency active energy, reactive energy
Measures: positive and negative active energy, reactive energy inductive capacitive

Display: STN yellow screen, wide viewing angle, high-quality, high-definition LCD display
Communication: RS485 communication, MODBUS-RTU protocol
Output: 2-way power pulse output
Expansion: access signals directly from current and voltage transformer, field programmable set of input parameters ratio
Uses: Suitable for all kinds of line circuits, high-capacity monitoring and management with a complete electrical circuit in the electrical parameters

Third, the technical parameters:

Fourth, the wiring diagram:

Five, shape and hole size: