AI-808H temperature and pressure compensated flow totalizer

AI-808H temperature and pressure compensated flow totalizer

Product description:

Accurate, reliable

AI-808H type flow totalizer

With complete temperature and pressure compensation function, can realize the general gas, saturated steam, superheated steam and liquid temperature and pressure compensation operations. Using look-up table to compensate for steam operation, with high accuracy. And in accordance with user requirements expand compensation formulas realization of special features, such as heat or other physical quantities accumulation of water containing natural gas accumulation.

Material can mass, volume, length of a cumulative basis, and the cumulative amount of batch control, batch control, as use of the instrument has four independent control accumulator and 12 total accumulator.

Programmable input specifications, flow input signal is programmable frequency, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10mA, 4-20mA, special input specifications can also be customized. Temperature signal is programmable Pt100 RTD, K, E, J type thermocouple or standard current signal, the pressure signal may be a standard voltage or current signals.

Rich programmable functions, enabling instantaneous flow, the temperature and pressure, the lower limit alarm function, and have the transmitter output, communication, 24V / 12V voltage output and other features can be optionally prescribe / not prescribe treatment, with 8 cumulative amount and four instantaneous measurements can be set to any range of low-cut function.

As batch controller, meter control with independent four accumulator and 12 total accumulator, and specialized display modes powerful function, easy to operate.

Advanced computing methods to ensure that the frequency of the signal frequency is low even when there are sufficient flow calculation accuracy.

Optional communications modules AI Series TFT HMI touch screen / split paperless recorder.

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