Yudian AI-701 meter single large ones

Yudian AI-701 meter single large ones

Product description:

Suitable temperature, pressure, flow, level measurement alarm and transmitter ..

Yudian AI-701 high-performance single-channel measuring instrument alarm

You can enter thermocouple; thermal resistance; linear voltage; current; resistance and radiation ( IR ) thermometers and other signals, an input module socket can also expand special input signal, and allows customers to customize and extend the special input specifications, 0.2 measurement accuracy ;

With the upper limit; upper limit; lower limit and lower limit, etc. 4 programmable alarm output ;

Current output can achieve 14 D / A accuracy and less than drift 100PPm / ℃ of high-precision transmission output ;

RS485 communication interface can be transmitted digitally to a computer or AI Series TFT HMI touch screen / split paperless recorder .

Double display easy to set parameters, and can be displayed freely scale and define the decimal point position .