Yudian AI-708P thermostat

Yudian AI-708P thermostat

Product description:

Suitable temperature, pressure, flow, level measurement alarm and transmitter ..

Yudian AI-708P 50-segment program the thermostat / regulator

• Support a variety of thermocouple; thermal resistance; linear voltage; current; resistance and radiation (IR) thermometers, etc., and have expanded input socket to install special input specifications, and customize special input nonlinear correction form, 0.2 or 0.1 level (V7.5 version) measurement accuracy.

• In addition to the main input of the second input for external reference or external valve signal feedback function, it can be composed of a cascade or ratio regulator and other complex control system.

• Modular support SSR voltage output, linear current (voltage), the relay contact switch; SCR non-contact switch; single phase; three-phase thyristor zero trigger; single-phase thyristor phase-shift trigger output is position proportional output (direct drive valve motor forward / reverse), and control cycles 0.24 to 60 seconds

• with standard PID; AI Artificial Intelligence adjust APID or MPT and other adjustment method; with self-tuning; self-learning function; excellent control characteristics without overshoot and no less tone; can also use the position control (ON-OFF) function .

• Advanced AIBUS communication protocol: Support RS485 or RS232C communication interface, with fast communication technology can facilitate the formation of thousands of points of large-scale and medium-sized computer control system.

• Support for caps, floors, ceiling and deviation lower limit deviation alarm and other functions, and the freedom to define the four alarm output ports, support for multiple alarm signal output from the same position. Have the power exempt alarm function, avoid power alarm error action.

• You can measure the value (PV) or setpoint (SV) transmission standard current signal output, can provide 14 high-resolution, 0.2 output accuracy and better than 100ppm / ℃ temperature drift performance of current output.

• define parameters to view and modify permissions, and allows users to customize the password, tailored to best meet their own operating habits instrument.

• AI-708P with 30 + 20 segment program control function; can achieve any slope liter; cooling control; with a jump (loop) operation; pause and stop and other programmable / operational command; and allow the control to run the program modify the program at any time; the use of curve fitting functions with AI artificial intelligence algorithms; resulting in a smooth curve smooth control effect; editable event output functions in the program run; with the control of external equipment operation; transmission output can use SV Use as a program generator; with measurement start function; ready to function and five power / power event processing mode selection;

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