AI-708H flow totalizer

AI-708H flow totalizer

Product description:

Accurate, reliable

AI-708H type flow totalizer

• The quality of the material, size, length of a cumulative basis, and the cumulative amount of batch control, batch control as to use, the instrument has four independent control accumulator and 12 total accumulator.

• Programmable input specifications, flow input signal is programmable frequency, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10mA, 4-20mA, special input specifications can also be customized. Temperature signal is programmable Pt100 RTD, K, E, J-type thermocouple or standard current signal, the pressure signal may be a standard voltage or current signals.

• Rich programmable functions, enabling the instantaneous flow rate, temperature and pressure on the lower limit alarm function, and have the transmitter output, communication, 24V / 12V voltage output and other features can be optionally prescribe / not prescribe treatment, having a cumulative amount of 8 and 4 instantaneous measurements can be set to any range of low-cut function.

• As the batch controller, the instrument has a separate four control accumulator and 12 total accumulator, and specialized display modes, powerful, easy to operate.

• Advanced calculation methods to ensure that the frequency of the signal frequency is low even when there are sufficient flow calculation accuracy.

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