Sheathed thermocouples and thermocouple

Sheathed thermocouples and thermocouple

Product description:

Sheathed thermocouple/RTD (wzpk; wzpt10k; wzck; wzcu100k; wrnk; wrsk; wrbk)

Product introduction:

Jing chuan JC-WR/Z k series sheathed thermocouple (thermal resistance) by the temperature of the components, protective tubes, fixtures and installed junction box Assembly. Regularly, and display instruments, recording instruments, supporting the use of computers. Direct measurement of various liquids, steam and gases as well as solid surface temperature.

Second, the principle of work:

Jing chuan JC-WR/Z k series sheathed thermocouple (thermal resistance) consists of two electrodes consisting of different conductor materials. When measuring ends and when the reference junction temperature difference, it produces thermoelectric, thermoelectric potential instrument will display the temperature value.

Third, the product features:

Compare fabricated thermocouple (thermistor), sheathed thermocouple (thermal resistance) has the following characteristics:

1; Compact design; In various forms;

2, thermal response time, decrease the dynamic error;

3; Can be bent freely; Twists and turns can be detected; Narrow; Complex local temperatures;

4, high mechanical strength, good resistance to pressure;

Four standards:

Product executing standard IEC751

JB/ T8622-1997

Five selection Description:

Six, the thermocouple (thermal resistance) the types and parameters:

Seven, protection tube size and type: