Fabricated thermocouple / RTD

Fabricated thermocouple / RTD

Product description:

Jing Chuan assembly type thermocouple / RTD (WRK; WRN; WRS; WZP; WZPT10; WZC; WZCU100)
one, Product Description:

Jing Chuan JC-WR / Z • Series assembly type thermocouple (RTD) generally consists of temperature sensing element, protection tube, installed fixtures and junction boxes assembled from usually display instruments, recording instruments, computer and other ancillary uses Direct measurement of the production process of the liquid, vapor and temperature, gas and solid surface.

Second, the principle:

Jing Chuan JC-WR / Z • Series assembly type thermocouple (RTD) of the electrode by the two different conductor materials. When measuring side and reference junction temperature difference, it will generate thermoelectric power, the working instrument will show the thermoelectric potential of the corresponding temperature value.

Third, the product features:

1. The assembly is simple, easy to replace;

2. The compression spring-type temperature sensing element, anti-vibration performance;

3. The measuring range;

4. High mechanical strength, good pressure resistance;

Fourth, the implementation of standards:

Product performance standards: IEC584

JB / T9238-1999

V. Selection Description:

Sixth, the thermocouple (RTD) types and parameters:

Seven, protection tube size and type:

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