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JC3351DP Smart Pressure | Transmitters

JC3351DP Smart Pressure | Transmitters
  • JC3351DP Smart Pressure | Transmitters
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JC3351DP Intelligent differential pressure (flow) Transmitter

product description:

Using the object: liquid, gas or vapor
Measuring range: Range 3 0-0.2 ~ 7.0kPa (0-20 ~ 715mmH2O)
Range 4 0-1.0 ~ 37.4kPa (0-96 ~ 3810mmH2O)
Range 5 0-4.7 ~ 186.8kPa (0-477 ~ 19050mmH2O)
Range 6 0-17.3 ~ 690kPa (0-0.18 ~ 7kgf / cm2)
Range 7 0-51.7 ~ 2068kPa (0-0.525 ~ 21kgf / cm2)
Range 8 0-172.3 ~ 6890kPa (0-1.75 ~ 70kgf / cm2)
Output signal: linear output: 4 ~ 20mA output HART® protocol superimposed digital signal (two-wire)
Square root output: between the input pressure of 1.0% to 100%, the output of the differential pressure was square root relationship; between 0% to 0.1%, and the differential output piecewise linear relationship; output 4 ~ no transition between 20mADC superimposed HART® protocol digital signal (two-wire), the user can select a linear output or square root output according to the scene.
Power: External power supply 24V DC (power supply range 12V ~ 45V).
Load characteristics: maximum permissible load resistance circuit load resistance Rmax = (E-12) /0.02 (Ω)
Hazardous Location Installation: flameproof dllCT6;
Intrinsically safe iallCT6
Load characteristics: After the positive and negative migration on its range, the lower limit shall not exceed the range limit at the minimum range, maximum positive transfer of 0.975URL; the largest negative transfer of -URL the square root output, adjustable positive and negative migration. 10% of the flow range.
Temperature range: medium temperature -40 ~ 104 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85 ℃
Machine operating temperature -40 ~ 85 ℃ -20 ~ 70 ℃ (with digital meter);
Relative humidity: 0 to 100%
Overpressure limit: applying 0 (absolute pressure) ~ 13.76MPa pressure to either side of the transmitter, the transmitter is not damaged; flange can withstand 68.9MPa pressure; normal operating pressure should be at 3.45kPa (absolute pressure) to the transmitter It is the upper range.
Volume variation: less than 0.16cm3
Damping: The time constant is adjustable between 0.2 ~ 32.0s.
Start Time: 3s, without preheating.


Turndown ratio: 40: 1
Accuracy: 345
In the turndown ratio of 1: 1 to 10: 1, in order to adjust the range of ± 0.1%
In the turndown ratio of 10: 1 to 40: 1, is ± 0.05 (1 + 0.1URL / range)% Range
Range is 678
In the range by 1: 1 to 10: 1, in order to adjust the range of ± 0.15%
In the turndown ratio of 10: 1 to 40: 1, is ± 0.075 (1 + 0.1URL / range)% range.
Stability: six months maximum range of error is ± 0.15%
Temperature effects: Zero error range is 45,678 to a maximum range of ± 0.25% / 55 ℃.
Including the span and zero total error for the maximum range of ± 0.5% / 55 ℃.
(Note: For Range 3 temperature error to be doubled)
Overpressure Impact: After pressure 140kgf / cm2, the maximum error range of ± 0.25%.
Static effects: linear output, zero error: plus static pressure 140kgf / cm2 after 45 zero-scale error is the maximum range of ± 0.25%, 3678 zero-scale error is the maximum range of ± 0.5%.
Range error: Range 45678 error is the largest range of -1 ± 0.25% / 6.89MPa, Range 3 error -1.5 ± 0.25% maximum range of this is a system error, the installation according to the actual static pressure adjustment, eliminated. this error.
Power Impact: less than 0.005% of output range / V
Vibration effects: on any axis, the frequency of 200Hz, the error caused by the maximum range of ± 0.05% / g.
Load Impact: As long as the transmitter input voltage is higher than 12V, no-load impact load workspace.
Mounting position Impact: Max produce not more than 0.25 kPa zero errors, but adjustable, and without detriment to range;
Measuring the rotation of the body relative to the flange no effect.
Electromagnetic radiation: in line with IEC801 standards

Structure indicators:

Structural Materials: diaphragm and drain / vent valve: 316 stainless steel; Hastelloy C; Monel;
Flanges and fittings: 316 stainless steel; Hastelloy C; Monel;
O 'ring (in contact with the measuring medium): fluorine rubber; nitrile rubber; ethylene - propylene;
Filling liquid: silicone oil;
Bolts: galvanized carbon steel; 1Cr18Ni90Cr17Ni4CuNb; 42CrMo;
Electrical housing: Low copper aluminum alloy;
Coating: polyester epoxy.
Lead Pressure Connection: Range of 345 two flanges connecting thread 1 / 4-18NPT Center Pitch is 54mm; two joints connecting thread 1 / 2-14NPT, center pitch is 515457mm three sizes for the 678 large-scale differential pressure transmitter. , a two flanged 1 / 4-18NPT, center pitch is greater than 54mm; two joints connecting thread 1 / 2-14NPT (taper pipe thread).
Electrical connection: Use 1 / 2-14NPT conduit with threaded ends and terminals and supporting the test piece.
Weight: 3.5kg (not including options).
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