JC intelligent remote pressure / differential pressure transmitter

JC intelligent remote pressure / differential pressure transmitter

Product description:

JCP-R intelligent remote pressure / differential pressure transmitter

product description:

To avoid JC pressure type, diaphragm and differential pressure transmitters JC measured medium of direct contact, you can use JC remote pressure / differential pressure transmitter.
Remote Variable pound is suitable for the following situations:
1. The need for high temperature dielectric isolation transmitter;
2. measured medium corrosive effect on sensitive components;
3. Measure the suspension or highly viscous media;
4. The measured medium due to environmental changes in temperature or process curing or crystallization;
5. Replace the measured medium stringent purification probe;
6. The probe must be kept sanitary.
Its technical performance indicators refer to the relevant transmitter


Remote device and process connections are threaded, flange and snap ring of formula (card ring for sanitary system) can be divided into vaginal discharge flange sleeve flange and partial storey (with standard 3. "- 150lb, 300lb flanges with use). Thus separable threaded, flanged, flat, insert the cartridge and snap ring style remote device.
Technical performance:
Remote device fill fluid operating temperature: silicone oil: -29 ~ 149 ℃;
An inert liquid: -18 ~ 204 ℃;
Pressure Limit: Threaded: 14MPa;
Flange, plug-in and flat: flange rated pressure;
Card ring: 2MPa.
Start time: no warm-up; the reaction time and temperature; pressure; remote form; capillary length; diameter and fill fluid and other relevant

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