High-quality LED Panel Light 300x300 8W 11W 15W CE RoHS Approved

High-quality LED Panel Light 300x300 8W 11W 15W CE RoHS Approved

Product description:

LED Panel Light 300x300 8W 11W 15W CE RoHS Approved

1. Power: 8W (11W and 15W is available)

2. Working Voltage: 100-240VAC

3. Highly bight SMD3014, 500lm

4. Emitting Color: Warm white/ Natural white/ Cool white

5. Dimension: 300X300X14mm

6. Aluminum alloy and PMMA light guide

7. Surface Color: Silver, White or Blue

8. Installation Method: Embeded

9. Long lifetime: More than 30, 000H

10. Color Rendering Index: ? 75

11. Working Humidity: 10-90%RH

12. Warranty: 3years


1. Dustproof and anti-glare.

2. High efficiency and energy saving.

3. Beautiful appearance, ultra-thin, only 14mm.

4. Easy installation, perfect combination with ceiling keel.


Part NO.LED SourceLumenPowerWorking VoltageWorking TemperatureEmitting ColorDimension
PA3030-8C-2CSMD3014500lm8WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW300x300x14mm
PA3030-11C-2CSMD3014880lm11WAC100-240V -20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW300x300x14mm
PA3030-15C-2CSMD30141200lm15WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW300x300x14mm
PA3060-20C-2CSMD30141600lm20WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW300x600x14mm
PA6060-32C-4CSMD30142800lm32WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW600x600x14mm
PA6060-40C-4C SMD30143200lm40WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW600x600x14mm
PA6060-52C-4C SMD30144200lm52WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW600x600x14mm
PA30120-40C-2CSMD30143200lm40WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW300x1200x14mm
PA60120-75C-4CSMD30146000lm75WAC100-240V-20-45?CWW/ NW/ CW600x1200x14mm


LED Panel Light is widely used in washroom, kitchen, house, hotels, conference rooms, offices, schools, supermarkets, residential buildings etc.

Warm Tips: Various sizes of LED Panel Light are supplied, such as LED Panel Light 300X300, LED Panel Light 300X600, LED Panel Light 600X600, LED Panel Light 300X1200, LED Panel Light 600X1200 etc. And If you have specific parameters and dimensions, customization is available. Any interest, please feel free to contact us. We'll do our best to help you!