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Black kitchen faucet

Black kitchen faucet
  • Black kitchen faucet
Product code: 1970400001
Unit price: 230 CNY  (33.41 USD)
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Other info: 3.5KG Black
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• Origin: Zhejiang Wenzhou

• Material: Copper

• Product Name: black kitchen faucet

• Surface treatment: acid copper, nickel, chromium and other multi-layer plating

• Accessories: mounting fastener

• refined body: leader of high quality copper, using international advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery manufacturing, natural, durable.

• Spool: (1) the use of sophisticated imported ceramic valve with diamond-like hardness, high Taocifaxin quality, comfortable light, withstood more than 50 million times the switch can still operate smoothly and effort, durable watertight (2. ) no maintenance, no wear, aging resistance. (3) applies to hard water, gravel or sand is not affected.

• Plating: Acid copper, nickel, chromium and other multi-layer plating, corrosion resistance, durability by salt spray test more than 200 hours, with superior corrosion resistance and never wear the use of advanced vacuum ion plating technology, optical Zeyi. people, long-lasting as new. All castings, weldments are meticulously polishing faucet, smooth surface.

• lead standards: in line with national GB / T1176 lead standards, no harm to human body, consistent with environmental protection, conform to the needs of world development, it is bound to be good friend for your home, so you water, clean water and better health.