Miniature natural bangs | Korean air fake bangs real hair | thin bangs

Miniature natural bangs | Korean air fake bangs real hair | thin bangs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Ran Duo thin air bangs
  • Brand: Ran Duo
  • Wigs single product: the air thin bangs
  • Color Classification: air thin inside volume natural black air thin inside volume dark brown air thin inside light brown air thin inside volume black brown 100% real hair wine red air thin volume honey beige 100% real hair dark brown 100% real hair Light brown 100% real black brown (can be dyed) 100% true black (not dyeable)
  • Wig Liu Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair material: high temperature wire

2015 Korean actress air thin section volume bangs

Liu into the air volume and the air straight Liu Liu

OUR advantage, 1 - the whole store with a comprehensive upgrade to high-temperature matte silk, high simulation, non-reflective, Supple good

Combing, high temperature, you can blow hot re-type.
2-network within a comprehensive upgrade Ultra-breathable roses within the network, breathable and flexible.

Proposed pro-band clip Oh, a single shot without a clip package courier Oh!

Pro recommendations with a back stand - you can DIY DIY for Oh!

Can also use their own needle and nail in the cap on the anti-slip off a good drop

The following describes 100%

Really have hair from the air fan bangs

Dispensers small language: why the hair is not very yellow color, one is because the real hair color will have a batch of each batch. Second, because even if the real hair to the treasurer side of the color card yellow, but with their own dye MM The hair color, the need to dye the pro can buy natural black back to the barber shop in front of their hair color will be connected to the natural color of the same!

MM hair to buy true hair did not dye too much to choose the black, unless the hair was brown compared to the election brown, because there is not enough black and brown reflect MM black, need to exchange for black, is hereby notify the other to buy real hair MM attention!

Color 3 kinds of the first black (not dyeable) the first black brown (dyeable) fourth brown (not very yellow) closer to the dark maroon

The third wine red is two clips