kareme兒童智能腕錶採用遠程監控和GPS定位功能, GPS手錶為孩子和GPS追蹤智能手錶呼叫

kareme兒童智能腕錶採用遠程監控和GPS定位功能, GPS手錶為孩子和GPS追蹤智能手錶呼叫

Product description:

Free Wechat Talking (語音對講)

Voice message between parents and children, a easy way for families to interact and stay connected, conveniently and fashionably.

Talking Between Watches (手錶間對講)

Voice message between watches, no distance for children, good to improve Children's friendship.

It is not only A watch, but also A cell phone (打電話功能)

Direct phone calling, keep Parent-Child communication at anytime anywhere.

1 main guardian 5 deputy guardians to one watch

Working Mom Outside Dad Retired grandpa Grandmother at same city Grandfather at home town

Avoid disturbance from strangers

Only numbers in the preset contact list could call the watch, and it will say' byebye' to wrong calling.

Sorry the subscriber you dialed can not be connected. please redial later

3 Ways Tracking Technology. (三種定位方式)

GPS+AGPS+LBS, UBLOX chipset , exact location, focus on your child security with fully care.

Geo-Fence, Children Safety Guards (電子圍欄)

Pre-set Geo-fence area, parents will be given notice if your child is going out/ in of the alarm area.