ATC CNC engraving machine WS-1325

ATC CNC engraving machine WS-1325

Product description:

ATC CNC engraving machine WS-1325

Model Features:

1, the structural stability : Industrial production models, heavy duty all steel welding, tempering aging treatment, solid shape .

2, Good parts : Taiwan control system, Italy spindle motor, Taiwan H30 linear guide, ball screw from Germany, Japan servo drive system, torque and has a perfect security system.

3, hats automatic tool change system, tool magazine capacity of 8 (optional )

4, high adhesion vacuum apparatus, the displacement of up to 230 cubic meters / hour .

5, the software is compatible : open software interface, compatible type3 / artcam / castm-ate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software to generate the processing code, to ensure the design of barrier .

Technical Parameters:

Table size : 1350 * 3100mm

Table travel : 1300 * 2500mm

Repeat positioning accuracy : 0.05mm

System resolution : 0.02mm

Spindle power : 4-8kw

Air speed : 60m / Min

Max speed : 25m / Min

Gantry height : 300mm