Biaxial CNC engraving machine WSW-1325

Biaxial CNC engraving machine WSW-1325

Product description:

Biaxial CNC engraving machine WSW-1325

Model Features:

1, the structural stability : heavy steel bed, solid shape .

2, Good parts : Taiwan AMTA linear guide double four ball slider, loading capacity, stable operation, Germany ball screw, the knife precision, Italy spindle motor .

3, drive more powerful : the use of well-known brands 6504A stepper motor, more powerful .

4, reasonable design : the use of advanced dual- Y axis gear pinion drive, fast, powerful.

5, easy to operate : the use of advanced USB interface DSP operating system handle (read U disk), completely off-line work, do not take up computer resources.

6, the software is compatible : open software interface, compatible type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software to generate the processing code, to ensure trouble-free design .

7, improved automatic grease lubrication system, extending the life of the machine .

Technical Parameters:

Technical itinerary : 2500 * 1300 * 200mm

Maximum speed : 60m / min

Spindle speed : 24000rpm

Spindle power : 5.5KW

Positioning accuracy : 0.01mm

System resolution : 0.001mm

Weight : 3680KG